• Product Review – Soaker Dripline

    *This blog post contains an affiliate link. If you click through and make a purchase, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). Thanks for your support in this way. July is Smart Irrigation Month, and to get you ready, we are sharing an irrigation product that is simple to use and may have a place in…

  • Native Perennials for Native Pollinators

    June is officially “National Perennial Garden Month,” and the third week of June (18-24, 2018) is “National Pollinator Week,” so I decided to combine both topics and introduce you to some of the many lovely low-water Southwest native perennials for Southwest native pollinators. There are five great reasons why perennials have a place in every landscape. First, perennials are shorter…

  • Create an Inviting Entry With a Splash of Color

      The entry of your home is the place that gives guests their first preview of what lies beyond the doors. If the front of your house is rather dull and colorless, the same might be expected for the inside.  One of the standard principles of landscape design is adding color to a home’s entry that is attractive to the eye…

  • pink-pearl-bougainvillea-container

    Bougainvillea: You Can Grow That

    The vibrant color of bougainvillea adds a welcome splash of color to southwestern landscapes, and despite their lush green appearance, they thrive in hot, dry climates with little fuss. There are several different species of bougainvillea with Bougainvillea glabra, B. peruviana, and B. spectabilis being the most common.

  • harvesting-southernwood

    Grow Southernwood For Wonderful Fragrance

    One of the things that continues to draw me to herbs is the panorama of aromas available in an herb garden. High on my list of must-have scented herbs to grow is southernwood, a tough plant for Southwest gardens.