Product Reviews and Resources

We love to garden in the Southwest, and we especially love spreading the word about our expertise and products we love. And we love to review products for our readers. Here are our latest reviews:


Product Review: Soaker Dripline

July is Smart Irrigation Month, and to get you ready, we are sharing an irrigation product that is simple to use and may have a place in your garden. Learn more here.



Product Review: Eco-1 Garden Spray

This organic spray helps rid plants of pests, even on edibles. See our review here.


Product Review: TubTrug Flexible Tub

As a horticulturist and garden writer, I have used countless garden products over the years, but few have garnered as much admiration as the newest addition to my gardening shed. I’m talking about my TubTrug Flexible Tub. Read more here.



Product Review: Corona FlexDial Pruners


Have tiny hands? Or do you have to share your pruners around the garden? Try these pruners with a flexible dial to fit any hand! They also have comfort gel handles and cut like a dream. Read more here.


Product Mention: Fiskars Garden Shears

I have been using my Fiskars garden shears since 2013, and they are worth their weight in gold.¬† I mention them in “You Can Grow Bountiful Basil,” but they are useful for more that just harvesting herbs like basil – I use them on woody rosemary, thinning seedlings, and snipping cut flowers to bring indoors.