• bundled stalks of sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary

    Thyme: You Can Grow That!

    It loves poor soils, is drought tolerant, a spreading groundcover, a bee magnet – and delicious! You can grow thyme (Thymus vulgaris)  in your Southwest garden or in a container. Just be sure to grow it where you can reach in to harvest some stalks or simply rub your fingers on the foliage to enjoy the scent.

  • 5 Vegetable and Herb Seeds to Start Indoors

    Growing food is one of the most rewarding activities we can do for—and even with—our family. You can get a jump start on your growing season by starting some seeds indoors a few months before normal planting time. Here are 5 of my favorites that are easy to start from seed indoors:

  • edible-flower-mint

    Enchanting Edible Flowers

    Eating flowers has a long and venerable history. In Victorian England, rose tarts and candied violets were favorites. Citrus blossom tea was a treat in 17th century Versailles. In the Orient, “golden needles” are a key ingredient in many dishes. Golden needles are dried day lily buds. And here in the Southwest, Natives feasted on squash blossoms, cholla buds, and…

  • prolong-citrus-harvest-zest-lemons

    5 Ways to Preserve Your Citrus Harvest

    Learn 5 ways to preserve your citrus harvest so you can enjoy the fresh flavors of citrus once the fruit has disappeared from the tree. This winter, most of your garden may be sleeping but citrus trees are bursting with sweet, tart fruit. Let’s look at different ways that you can prolong the harvest and enjoy the delicious flavor of…

  • You Can Grow – Cilantro

    Say “cilantro” here in the Southwest, and folks think of salsa. And while cilantro can get along with the heat of chilies in salsa, it quickly dies with the heat of a summer day. Therefore, you will want to grow this herb in the cool winter months in hotter Southwest climates.