• southwest-citrus-fruit-persian

    A Suite of Persian Plants for the Southwest

    If you have been following Southwest Gardening for a while you might have noticed that I (Jacqueline) draw inspiration for my posts from various celebrations around the world – like Greek herbs for Greece Independence Day, or how to grow spinach for National Spinach Lovers Month. This post celebrates the birthday of Baha’ullah, one of the founders of the Baha’i…

  • Autumn Color In Your Southwest Garden

    Many of of our blog readers become nostalgic as Autumn progresses. They miss the colorful fall foliage they enjoyed “Back East.” Fear not! You can enjoy brilliant fall foliage right here in the Southwest! Just add some of these plants.

  • prolong-citrus-harvest-zest-lemons

    5 Ways to Preserve Your Citrus Harvest

    Learn 5 ways to preserve your citrus harvest so you can enjoy the fresh flavors of citrus once the fruit has disappeared from the tree. This winter, most of your garden may be sleeping but citrus trees are bursting with sweet, tart fruit. Let’s look at different ways that you can prolong the harvest and enjoy the delicious flavor of…

  • rick-rose-flowers

    Meet the Greeks

    In honor of Greek Independence Day, March 25, I decided to write about Greek plants that do well here in the arid Southwest. First there are common food and herb plants such as olive, pomegranate, bay laurel, thyme and rosemary. Then there are more than 40