• compost-southwest-soil

    Soil Loves Compost – Especially in the Southwest

    The title is a bit misleading. It’s not the soil that loves the compost – it’s all the plants that grow in the soil! And not just plants! There are countless life forms – mostly microscopic – that live in the soil and further help plants.  They love compost too. Why? What’s so special about compost? Compost is part of…

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    Yard to Table: 5 Tips for Keeping it Simple

    Growing your own food is rewarding and a healthy choice; it also can save money in your family food budget. It also can be easy, especially if you keep it as simple as possible. Here are 5 tips to make growing food for your kitchen easier and more fun:

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    You Can Grow – Spinach and Other Tasty Greens

    October is National Spinach Month! Popeye the Sailor Man claimed “I’m strong to the “finich,” ’cause I eats me spinach.” But many people simply do not like the taste or texture of the leafy green. I understand – – but luckily, there are a number of other tasty greens to grow this month! Best of all, there is no back-breaking…