• You Can Grow Your Christmas Cactus for Years

    Christmas cactus are lovely in bloom and add a grace note of living green to our homes the rest of the year. There are a vast number of species and hybrids and I, Dr. Jacqueline Soule the Botanist, will not bore you with the details!  Just know this –

  • African Violet Photo Gallery

    Southwest plant lovers might think African violets are the last houseplant they can grow; I know I had my doubts. The stunning plants are native to regions like Tanzania, with a temperate but tropical climate. But it only takes some trial and error to grow these pretty flowering plants in dry Southwest homes.

  • Airplant: You Can Grow That!

    Maybe “grow” is not the right word for an airplant, which needs no soil and grows very slowly. But airplants (Tillandsia) are just about as easy as it gets to add some live greenery to a room without worrying about how green your thumb might be. I consider them a “gateway” plant to get people excited about houseplants and gardening.…

  • southwest-houseplants-care

    Houseplants Need to “Beat The Heat”

    Indoor dwelling houseplants are pampered pets compared to their outdoor cousins. Even so, they can be feeling the effects of summer in a number of ways. Back in January we wrote about a selection of houseplants. Now it’s time to consider summer houseplant care. Light Summer light quality is more intense, and the sheer quantity is greater too. Sun may…

  • streptocarpus-lenora-purple-flowers

    Gesneriads: You Can Grow That!

      Gesneriad refers to a family of plants, mostly tropical, that includes African violets. Most Southwest gardeners like to grow a few houseplants to get us through the off-season, when it is too cold — or hot — outside for our garden plants and us! With gesneriads, you can test your skills at reading clues plants give you and even…