• When to Prune Roses and Shrubs in High-Desert Landscapes

    Knowing when to prune your roses and other shrubs takes some knowledge of the plant type, cues from nature and a little guesswork. In the low desert, hard pruning usually begins in winter (January or early February) to stimulate early spring growth. A second prune in summer can lead to additional blooming. See Noelle Johnson’s post for more tips on…

  • pink-blooms-flower-carpet

    Flower Carpet Roses: You Can Grow That!

    Roses are such classic beauties in the garden and we all love the thousands of colors and flower types that hybridizers have to offer. Each seems unique and personal. And Flower Carpet roses are truly unique because they grow low like a groundcover.

  • AZ Plant Lady late summer rose pruning

    Pruning Roses for Fall Blooms in the Desert Garden

    People often react with surprise to find that roses can grow in the desert Southwest. Horticulturist Noelle Johnson loves roses and has been growing them for more than 25 years in her Phoenix-area garden. Over the years, she’s learned how best to care for roses and how to maximize their blooms. In the low to intermediate desert garden, roses flower…

  • mister lincoln hybrid tea rose

    Great Rose Varieties for the Southwest Garden

    It’s not surprising that roses are the world’s most popular flower with new rose varieties being introduced each year, tempting us with new colors, prolific blooming, and lower maintenance requirements. Now is a great time to select roses for your garden as January through February is the best time to add roses to low to mid desert regions (zones 9…