• Halloween and the Dark Side of Herbs

    In a few days this country will be celebrating Halloween. We’ll put carved pumpkins and paper images of ghosts and skeletons on the front porch to welcome the neighborhood children in costume. Adults will break with the norm and come to work with the most outlandish outfits.

  • Autumn Color In Your Southwest Garden

    Many of of our blog readers become nostalgic as Autumn progresses. They miss the colorful fall foliage they enjoyed “Back East.” Fear not! You can enjoy brilliant fall foliage right here in the Southwest! Just add some of these plants.

  • winter savory

    Grow Winter Savory For Hearty Flavor

    Perhaps one of the lesser known cooking herbs that is easy to grow is winter savory (Satureja montana), a low-growing perennial herb hardy to zones 6 to 11. Its inch long green leaves grow on woody branches that spread about two feet. Growing Winter Savory The herb grows best with regular watering but can withstand an occasional drought. Small white…

  • fresh cilantro

    A Second Season of Cilantro

      Cilantro is probably second only to basil as the most popular herb to grow in the Southwest. Every spring there’s a rush at the local nursery of gardeners hungry for young cilantro to plant. We pamper them as the weeks go by, looking forward to all that fresh flavor we’ll be enjoying in burritos, tacos, and every sort of…