• Mexican Oregano for Color and Flavor

    Southwest gardeners aren’t picky in what we want from our shrubs. All we ask for is a plant that is drought tolerant, blooms from late spring through fall, isn’t an aggressive spreader, and produces nectar for pollinating insects. Being an herb gardener, I also want it to be edible. Too much to ask for? Not really. Behold the native plant…

  • The Five S’s of Starting an Edible Garden

    I was fortunate to grow up in a rural area of Southern California where fruit trees, berry vines, and vegetable gardens were a common sight. I have lots of happy memories about sweet corn ripening on the stalk and strawberries peeking out from their bed of leaves. While toddling between rows of carrots and beans, I learned the rudiments of…

  • curly parsley, growing parsley, parsley for every garden.

    Parsley: You Can Grow That!

    How about something easy to grow, flavorful in the kitchen, and attractive to butterflies? Introducing parsley – a must-have herb for your spring garden. It grows happily for gardening beginners and experts and will provide fresh flavor for the kitchen for months to come.

  • flowering-Texas-sage-shrub-after-pruning

    Severe Pruning Brings New Life to Overgrown Shrubs

    Do you have large shrubs in your landscape that have outgrown their space? Or maybe bushes filled with old, woody growth that have seen better days? If so, the photo above may look familiar to you. Thankfully, in many cases, severe pruning can bring new life to overgrown shrubs.