• Mid-Winter Houseplant Care

    The hardest time of year for garden enthusiasts is now, when the winter weather makes it too cold to do much outdoors. Now is the perfect time to garden indoors by providing a little tender loving care (TLC) to your philodendrons, ferns, and other indoor plants. Here are five signs that your houseplants could use some help. Pale Leaves and…

  • red flowering shrubs and cactus

    5 Plants for Winter Color in Desert Gardens

    Living in the low to the mid-altitude desert can be a challenging place to garden in with hot, dry summers. However, it’s also a place where we can enjoy year-round color in the landscape – even in winter!

  • Put Your Garden to Bed for Winter

    The growing season is nearing its end, even for those of us living in the warm Southwest. As your plants prepare for winter, so should you. In between the holiday madness, do your best to carve out a little time for the garden. Here are six basic tasks to do before winter closes in. For more ideas, don’t miss the…

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    You Can Grow – Spinach and Other Tasty Greens

    October is National Spinach Month! Popeye the Sailor Man claimed “I’m strong to the “finich,” ’cause I eats me spinach.” But many people simply do not like the taste or texture of the leafy green. I understand – – but luckily, there are a number of other tasty greens to grow this month! Best of all, there is no back-breaking…

  • flowering shrubs winter desert landscape

    5 Colorful Plants for the Desert Winter Landscape

    Winter gardens don’t have to lifeless and devoid of color if you live in the desert Southwest. Fill your outdoor space with welcome splashes of color with these 5 colorful plants for the desert winter landscape.