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    5 Plants That Can Take the Southwest Heat and More!

    It’s no surprise that the biggest challenge to growing plants in our region is the intense heat and dryness of summer, which is a stressful environment for plants. Thankfully, there are several plants that thrive in a hot, dry climate. Here are a few of Southwest Gardening’s Noelle Johnson’s favorite plants that can take the Southwest heat. 1. Bush Lantana (Lantana…

  • red flowers of Calliandra californica

    You Can Grow That: Baja Fairy Duster

    Colorful flowers, attractive foliage, heat tolerance, and wildlife magnet are just a few of the characteristics that describe Baja Fairy Duster. This Mexican native thrives in desert gardens due to its drought tolerance and ability to handle full sun, reflected heat, and partial shade. Characteristics One of Baja Fairy Duster’s exciting features is the “feather-duster” shape of the flowers. The…

  • flowering-Texas-sage-shrub-after-pruning

    Severe Pruning Brings New Life to Overgrown Shrubs

    Do you have large shrubs in your landscape that have outgrown their space? Or maybe bushes filled with old, woody growth that have seen better days? If so, the photo above may look familiar to you. Thankfully, in many cases, severe pruning can bring new life to overgrown shrubs.

  • flowering shrubs winter desert landscape

    5 Colorful Plants for the Desert Winter Landscape

    Winter gardens don’t have to lifeless and devoid of color if you live in the desert Southwest. Fill your outdoor space with welcome splashes of color with these 5 colorful plants for the desert winter landscape.

  • autumn sage southwest

    5 Fall Flowering Shrubs for the Southwest Garden

    What comes to mind when you envision fall color in the landscape? For many of us, trees with varying shades of yellows, oranges, and reds are what may come to mind. However, in the Southwest, we get to enjoy another type of fall color in the form of shrubs that decorate the landscape with their beautiful blooms when summer blooms begin to…