• sowing viable seeds in a tray

    Book Review: Starting & Saving Seeds

    Lengthening days and slowly warming weather herald the beginning of spring, that wonderful season of promise and hope. What could be more symbolic of this than seeds, tiny lifeboats waiting for the right conditions to spring into action and create the next generation of beauty and flavor in our gardens? Yes friends, it’s seed starting time.

  • tomatoes chives basil in kitchen window

    5 Tips for Winter Container Care

    If you live in areas of the Southwest that freeze in winter, you’re already beginning to empty and clean out containers and deciding how to preserve your annual flowers, herbs and other container plants.

  • Harvesting Herbs In Five Easy Steps

      There’s nothing like the satisfaction of harvesting herbs from your garden. You’ve planted, watered, weeded, and fertilized them month after month and now it’s time for the big payoff. Here’s what you need to do to capture all that aroma and flavor for the coming year.

  • weeds in wheelbarrow

    Weeds Happen. What Can a Gardener Do?

    Is there anything more frustrating to gardeners than weeds popping up overnight (night after night) in their beds and yards? In many areas of the Southwest, gardens look pristine, if not as colorful, before summer monsoons begin to deliver much-needed rain. The problem is what’s good for your ornamentals also is good for weeds. We don’t believe we’ll ever fully…