• flowers-southwest-spring

    Beautiful Baileya

    The Southwest is a Unique Place “The Southwest is like no place else on earth” says author Jacqueline Soule. I agree – it has the very unique wildflower called Baileya. Actually, I’m quoting myself there, because I started a chapter of a book that way once. I went on to explain that the Southwest is a unique geographic area with…

  • Halloween and the Dark Side of Herbs

    In a few days this country will be celebrating Halloween. We’ll put carved pumpkins and paper images of ghosts and skeletons on the front porch to welcome the neighborhood children in costume. Adults will break with the norm and come to work with the most outlandish outfits.

  • Moon-garden-wildflower

    Moon Garden – for You and Mosquito Eaters to Enjoy

    Mosquitoes are not only annoying, they can carry dreadful diseases. And yet, the time to enjoy our gardens in the Southwest summer is in the cool of evening – right when those pests are flying. To resolve this dilemma, plus help create an enjoyable evening space, PLUS a space that attracts night-flying mosquito-eating bats and birds (like the lesser nighthawk)…

  • handmade holiday centerpiece with baby pumpkins

    Happy Holidays – From YOUR Garden!

    I am no Martha Stewart, but I love giving and receiving homemade gifts. I also like being resourceful and creative, maybe because I can’t run out to a hobby store when I need to decorate for the holidays. The closest one is at least 50 miles away. But the greatest satisfaction I’ve gotten from holiday gift-making and decorating has come…