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    Southwest Perennials for Southwest Pollinators

    Time for plants for pollinators!  June is “National Perennial Garden Month,” and the third week of June (22-28, 2020) is “National Pollinator Week” so combining the two, allow me to introduce you to some of the many of the lovely low-water Southwest native perennials for Southwest pollinators. Pollinators in the Southwest When it comes to pollinators, the American Southwest is…

  • Passive Solar and Plants

    Passive solar design for homes relies on many of the same principles as for placing plants; likewise, landscaping can affect a home’s passive solar efficiency. We live in a passive solar home in the high desert/intermountain area of southeast New Mexico. The home is designed to maximize the warming effects of the sun in winter and the cooling effects of…

  • Autumn Color In Your Southwest Garden

    Many of of our blog readers become nostalgic as Autumn progresses. They miss the colorful fall foliage they enjoyed “Back East.” Fear not! You can enjoy brilliant fall foliage right here in the Southwest! Just add some of these plants.

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    5 Uses for Ornamental Grasses

    When homeowners plan landscapes or stroll through a garden center, they often gravitate to brightly colored flowers. And every garden needs some color, so that’s great. But flowering plants have seasons when they bloom, depending on the average temperatures in a low or high desert region.