• red flowering shrubs and cactus

    5 Plants for Winter Color in Desert Gardens

    Living in the low to the mid-altitude desert can be a challenging place to garden in with hot, dry summers. However, it’s also a place where we can enjoy year-round color in the landscape – even in winter!

  • flowering shrubs winter desert landscape

    5 Colorful Plants for the Desert Winter Landscape

    Winter gardens don’t have to lifeless and devoid of color if you live in the desert Southwest. Fill your outdoor space with welcome splashes of color with these 5 colorful plants for the desert winter landscape.

  • Creative Container Gardening

    Introducing Our New Webinar Series! Creative Container Gardening

    As garden experts in the Southwest, our passion is to help people learn how to create beautiful, thriving gardens in a dry climate, which is why we are so excited to introduce our new webinar series! We have an entire year of webinars scheduled, which will inspire and teach you our favorite tips so that you can get the most…

  • Repurpose for a Personal Touch in Your Garden

    Sometimes, you just run out of containers, as many plant addicts do. Or maybe you see an object while shopping or cleaning that you know would make the perfect planter or vase. It’s also fun to add a touch of your personality to your garden and houseplant designs. Whatever the reason, planting in unique and found containers is just plain…

  • multiple agave plants in landscape

    5 Wonderful Agaves for Southwestern Gardens

    Agaves are an iconic succulent of the Southwestern landscape and thrive in our dry climate with little care. Their fleshy leaves come in a multitude of shapes from large and wide to skinny and narrow. The leaves are arranged in a rosette pattern, and most have sharp points at their tips. Depending on the species, the edges of the leaves may…