• lettuce-southwest-garden

    You Can Grow – Spinach and Other Tasty Greens

    October is National Spinach Month! Popeye the Sailor Man claimed “I’m strong to the “finich,” ’cause I eats me spinach.” But many people simply do not like the taste or texture of the leafy green. I understand – – but luckily, there are a number of other tasty greens to grow this month! Best of all, there is no back-breaking…

  • pink-blooms-flower-carpet

    Flower Carpet Roses: You Can Grow That!

    Roses are such classic beauties in the garden and we all love the thousands of colors and flower types that hybridizers have to offer. Each seems unique and personal. And Flower Carpet roses are truly unique because they grow low like a groundcover.

  • streptocarpus-lenora-purple-flowers

    Gesneriads: You Can Grow That!

      Gesneriad refers to a family of plants, mostly tropical, that includes African violets. Most Southwest gardeners like to grow a few houseplants to get us through the off-season, when it is too cold — or hot — outside for our garden plants and us! With gesneriads, you can test your skills at reading clues plants give you and even…

  • pink-rain-lily-blossoms

    You Can Grow Rain Lilies

    I said “rain lilies” in the title because I didn’t want to daunt you with the scientific name, Zephyranthes. But if gardeners wrote alphabet books, Z would be for zephyranthes! Zephyranthes are some of the most delicate, graceful flowers there are. They come in red, pink, rose, coral, white, pale yellow, vivid lemon yellow, deep orange, or in sunset blends…

  • red flowers of Calliandra californica

    You Can Grow That: Baja Fairy Duster

    Colorful flowers, attractive foliage, heat tolerance, and wildlife magnet are just a few of the characteristics that describe Baja Fairy Duster. This Mexican native thrives in desert gardens due to its drought tolerance and ability to handle full sun, reflected heat, and partial shade. Characteristics One of Baja Fairy Duster’s exciting features is the “feather-duster” shape of the flowers. The…