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Create Your Signature Potpourri With Our New Webinar

potpourri spilling from jars
With items harvested from your garden, wildcrafted out of waste land, or purchased from herb sources you can make wonderful smelling potpourri.

Fall is the time when our thoughts turn toward harvesting and gathering. Those who grow herbs know this is when the urge to clip and enjoy these aromatic plants becomes almost overwhelming. One thing you can do with your herbs is to create potpourri. What, you’ve never done that? Well, we have the perfect solution.


Southwest Gardening Presents

Creating Potpourri From Your Garden

We have created a 30-minute webinar to help you learn what goes into quality potpourri and how you can make your signature potpourri using items from your garden, wild crafted aromatics, and purchased materials and essential oils. For just $10 you will learn:

  • The origins of potpourri
  • What goes into a quality potpourri
  • Using the Fragrance Wheel to discover your scent profile
  • What you need to make potpourri
  • Tips and tricks to combining herbs and aromatics
  • Resources for tools and materials

Once you have created your personal potpourri, there’s no limit to what you can do with it to enhance your personal space. Don’t go through life depending on mass marketed scent mixtures – learn how to make your own! The webinar costs only $10 and you can take it at your convenience anytime in October.

potpouuri ingredients
Source: Pixabay

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