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Enter Our Summer Lily Giveaway


The lily is the summer bulb of the year. And we’re planning to give 25 summer-blooming bulbs to one lucky friend of Southwest Gardening Blog.

The winner will receive a bag filled with 25 Oriental lilies in a variety of colors to create a gorgeous rainbow of lily blooms around early August. A bonus? The lilies in this Fragrant Blend mix, courtesy of, add a spicy aroma to your summer garden.

Here’s all you have to do to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post by April 20. Tell us why you would love to add Fragrant Blend to your Southwest Garden, why you love lilies, would love to grow lilies, or anything about bulbs. Learn more about lilies from
  2. Be sure to give us a valid email address when filling out the comment form.
  3. Wait to see if you are the lucky winner (more info on the drawing below). We’ll send you an email and annouce the winner on the blog by April 25.
  4. Not required for the drawing, but feel free to subscribe to our newsletter (and receive a free infographic) or follow us on social media!

If you win (or shop for Oriental lilies), just find a sunny spot you can see from your windows or patio and dig nearly 6 inches deep to plant your Fragrant Blend bulbs on a bed of loosened soil so water drains well. Water right away to get them to take root. The stunning blooms will open after Asiatic lilies are done blooming, for all-season lily delight. The Fragrant Blend bulbs should be hardy in zones 4 through 9.

Any visitor to Southwest Gardening Blog who lives in the continental U.S. is eligible. You only need to add a comment to this blog post (following prompts for a valid email address). Leave your comment between April 12, 2018 , and April 20, 2018. We’ll randomly draw one winner from among those who comment. The winner will receive a pack of 25 lily bulbs, described above. 

We’ll announce the winner by April 25 on this site and in social media. No purchase necessary.

The Fragrant Blend lily giveaway is sponsored by Southwest Gardening, LLC, of Ft. Worth, Texas, and

All images courtesy of Garden Media Group and

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38 comments on “Enter Our Summer Lily Giveaway

  1. Kelly Ferreira

    I miss lilies from back east and would love to add these to the border of one of my butterfly gardens. Bulbs are awesome. I mostly grow different rain lilys, freesia etc.

  2. Beverly penn

    Wow! I would love to grow lilies and share the knowledge with fellow gardener friends. I never knew they could grow in AZ zone 9! What an eye catcher of curb appeal neighborhood walkers could enjoy. I love walking and seeing what other people are able to grow! Also enjoy sharing the fruits of my labor with the community. Good luck to anyone who wins!

  3. Patricia Hlavinka

    Lilies are an old fashioned kind of flower that both my mom and grandma had in their gardens. As I’ve become more “seasoned,” I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty of things from my childhood. Adding all these lilies to my garden would help transform me back to the good ol’ days. Thank you for giving us a chance to enjoy these beauties.

  4. Dawn Lindholm

    I just love lilies, and bulbs are often so easy to grow! They remind me of the home I grew up in that had bulbs growing along the path to the front door.
    If I were to win this contest, I think I’d plant this Fragrant Blend of Oriental lilies all along the walkway to my front door so everyone could enjoy their beauty and fragrance!
    My Southwest Garden in Tucson, Arizona currently lacks lilies, although I do have some tulips and daffodils growing beautifully. Lilies would be a great addition to my garden!

  5. diane mark

    I LOVE LOVE having lilies in my garden……..actually have 2 colors now, white with pink centers and yellow…..they smell WONDERFUL from my living room! would LOVE LOVE to have PINK ONES to add to these treasures. I have found lilies quite easy to grow, pain free! Thanks for the chance to have MORE

  6. diane mark

    I LOVE LOVE lilies in my garden…….actually have 2 types now, yellow ones and several white varieties….the wonderful aroma even comes into my house as they are just below the living room windows……….would LOVE to add the pink to this bunch@

  7. Adrian Hindes

    I would love to win! I’ve never planted bulbs of any kind but would love to try. They remind me of my Grandma’s farm which was full of beautiful flowers

  8. Mary K

    Lilies are beautiful with their unique shaped flowers. The freshness and beauty bring the motivation to add more beauty and color to the yard. I miss my peonies that were in my yard in Oregon.

  9. I Love easter lilies they remind me of my Mom who I miss terribly, she had a beautiful backyard filled with all kinds of beautiful flowers especially lilies! I like your website!

  10. Elaine Powell

    I have lots of Irises, Wisteria, Daffodils, and roses, and about 40 crepe myrtles. I have 3 clumps of Lilies planted in the last couple of years and really like them. I would like to expand on different bulbs such as the Lilies since they seem to do so well.

  11. Kristin

    I used to love growing lilies in Oregon – they would be so fun to try in the desert as well!

  12. Lilies have been my go to plant for decades! In fact, I have an assortment of Day Lilies that I dug up from a fellow gardener decades ago and have moved them from house to house forever!
    I have recently planted some new ones from AZ and would so enjoy some more!!

  13. Linda Napier

    I absolutely love Lillies and had a whole garden dedicated to them in North Carolin! I hope I win so I can add them to my new garden here in Arizona.

  14. Tory Gloriani

    What’s not to like about lilies? Monet and Gauguin, among other artists, made odes to lilies. If you look at a lily, its softness and grace fills your mind with silent awe. Then your heart falls in love with its vibrancy and tranquility . I’ll take a lily anytime!

  15. Cindy Guthrie

    I adore lilies! They grew along the country road where I grew up, my Grandmother’s gardens were full of them. We laid stargazer lilies on one Grandma’s casket.

    My husband and I just moved to Avra Valley, I need lilies to brighten our acre up.

  16. I have in my front flower bed Belinda Rosebushes and when they are in bloom the aroma will knock your socks off. They are also a beautiful pink color ………but I would i also love to have some aromatic lillies because no one can ever have too many amoras that come from nature’s beautiful flowers.

  17. Sharon kirkland

    Lilies are like all the magestic moments in life and their fragrance can sooth any feelings. I can always create a new vignette for these beauties.

  18. Never have grown these lilies but I’m an expert in daffodils.

  19. Brandi Young

    Funny, not funny, story. I was lucky enough to spend the last 2 weeks in Europe and was able to visit the Keukenhof Gardens in Holland. Of course, this awakened even more gardening fervor. However, I came home to a house sitter’s destruction of my flower beds. Everything is gone in my front beds and I am so sad about that and would love these lilies for my fresh start. I know that my bulbs will produce again but it is such a painstaking process, especially with these already high temps.

  20. Maryann Readal

    I love lilies and am trying to expand my collection by adding different colors. My love of lilies started when my church invited parishioners to take home lilies that decorated the church during Easter. I was hooked when these lilies came back every year and multiplied!
    The pictures are gorgeous and give me an idea to interplant the lilies with other perennials.

  21. Mike H

    I need lilies to brighten my garden.

  22. Bulbs of all kinds are so carefree. They grow and bloom with little help from the gardener. They can surprise us, too, when we forget we’ve planted them and then, one day, leaves appear and then the lovely flowers. What could be better than that?

  23. Hilary McDaniel

    I adore lillies. My garden has only fragrant things to feed my senses. I am in the country and provide food for all my critters. Your lillies would be so welcome in my garden. They would have a star position. Thank You

  24. Sheryl Laudenslager

    Love love Lillies. I’ve recently moved and have an empty slate and would love to add these beautiful Lillies to my garden.

  25. Sarah Hayman

    I love that bulbs always come back year after year. Callas are my favorite lilies because they are so classic.

  26. Thalia

    Lillies would look great in a semi-shaded area of my garden here in Las Vegas. It would be nice to have a fragrant flower to enjoy on warm evenings.

  27. Kylin C

    My backyard is void of flowers in late summer, so I would love some lilies!

  28. Katie Dubow

    OMG! I love lilies!!!

  29. Ruth

    Lillies are wonderful! I have a couple from my mom-in-law, and I’m looking forward to them flowering when most of the wilflowers around here are finished.

  30. Sylvan Kaufman

    I’d love to try growing lilies. I’ve mostly grown spring flowering bulbs but the fragrance of lilies is wonderful.

  31. Vicki Frakes

    I need color and flowers of any kind just steal my Heart. I can smell the Lilies now. Wouldn’t they be perfect for my desert garden. I’m just getting started so these beautiful plants would be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity.

  32. Susan Miner

    Lilies grow so easily here in the Cave Creek area & I just don’t have enough of them! Their colors, the fragrance, easy to keep….there is nothing not to love! My garden would only be more beautiful with these!!

  33. Deborah Bethay

    I have a sunny, brand new flower bed that isn’t full yet! Perfect to try some lilies.

  34. Sharon

    I miss my lilies from my garden in the PNW. I’m delighted to learn they will grow here in Phoenix. Thank you Southwest Gardening ladies for another great giveaway.

  35. Kaye Gross

    I have lilies in my garden that we planted years ago. It is such a delight to see them return year after year. Would love to have 25 new ones to add to my ever-growing-larger garden!

  36. Margie

    Bulbs are so right for gardens. Year after year they pop up and make you smile

  37. The fragrance is amazing!

  38. Darcie Naylor

    I love bulbs, but don’t have a lot of experience with them. The first bulbs I ever planted were freesia’s and grape hyacinths. This was about 15 years ago and I planted them in a half wine barrel with some other plants. Either I was lucky, or they were easy to grow because they came up year and after year for about 5 years! When we moved to Oregon, I tried to grow dahlia’s but wasn’t very successful I’m afraid. I had a few come up, but not as many as I planted. We have moved back to Arizona and this year I planted some ranunculus and some grape hyacinths. They all came up and were so pretty! I would love to try growing Lilies. As I was doing a little research on growing them (to see if they would be too hard for me), I was enchanted by the beautiful photos of the flowers – the gorgeous colors and the shapes of the petals are just stunning. When I read that they are easy to grow, I was sold! I have a couple of ideal spots in my yard where they would be beautiful.

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