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Gardening Jargon Got You Down?

Anyone new to gardening knows there is plenty of “help” out there, but deciphering all the gardening terms and conflicting information can confuse novice (and sometimes, experienced!) gardeners.

Southwest Gardening Blog’s Teresa Odle helps professionals communicate in language the rest of us can understand, and wants gardeners to know they will make some mistakes, but not to give up. Knowing basic terms and concepts of plant care can help.

In the three-part online course, Teresa covers common plant and plant care terms, including advice on what to know when you buy plants. Teresa, who was trained as a master gardener in Albuquerque, N.M., is the author of an award-winning blog on low-water gardening and editor of African Violet Magazine.


This class is a great refresher for anyone who loves gardening but doesn’t love jargon. It’s also a perfect introduction to enjoying gardening for friends or family you’re trying to get to join you in your plant obsessions. Everyone who registers will receive a downloadable handout with some of the common terms covered and credible resources for more information.

Sign up for Gardening Terms and Basics for a limited time and watch at your leisure. Or give the gift of knowledge and reduced gardening anxiety!

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