Creative Container Gardening

Introducing Our New Webinar Series! Creative Container Gardening

Creative Container Gardening
Introducing our new webinar series with “Creative Container Gardening”

As garden experts in the Southwest, our passion is to help people learn how to create beautiful, thriving gardens in a dry climate, which is why we are so excited to introduce our new webinar series! We have an entire year of webinars scheduled, which will inspire and teach you our favorite tips so that you can get the most out of your garden.

If you aren’t familiar with webinars, they are narrated garden presentations that you view online at your convenience.

ornamental cabbage in container
Ornamental cabbage provide a focal point in this window box container

Our first webinar in the series is “Creative Container Gardening.” If your pots are looking rather boring and you are tired of planting the same plants in them year after year, then this webinar is for you!

SWG’s Noelle Johnson helps you think outside the box when it comes to planning what you’ll plant in your favorite pot. From the latest colorful annual flowers, to portable pollinator gardens, to favorite succulent combinations, you’ll learn how to arrange your plants for best effect and how to artfully combine colors for maximum impact.

succulent container
‘Firesticks’ Euphorbia planted with elephant food (Portulacaria afra)

In the webinar, we also talk about the types of containers to consider using: brightly-colored containers, repurposed everyday items such as recyclable grocery bags, even antique water cans and wheelbarrows. Whimsical container options are now available and growing in popularity, which is also a great way to add unique interest to your garden.

Vegetables planted with flowers
Combine edible plants like leafy greens and garlic with colorful annuals

Noelle shares her favorite tip, which is to dual-purpose container plantings that use both vegetables along with flowering plants and shares guidelines for the type of soil to use, along with watering and fertilizing guidelines for different types of plants.

Creative Container Gardening
Watch our newest webinar for only $10

Fall is a great time to rethink what you’ll plant in your pots, and our webinar can help you! This is one of Noelle’s most requested classes that she teaches at botanical gardens and garden groups and we are excited to be able to offer her class online so you can be inspired to re-create your container garden.

To celebrate the launch of our new series, we are offering this webinar to you for half-price at only $10! Downloadable notes are also included with the webinar, which is pre-recorded, so you can watch it whenever it is convenient for you.

This webinar is only available for a limited time, so order now and you’ll be ready to create your beautiful container garden!

We will be debuting new webinars on a variety of topics in the months ahead, so be sure to sign up for our subscriber list for the latest updates!

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