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May Day Celebrations & Gifts

Graduations, Mother’s Day, May Day, Children’s Day, Béltaine, perhaps birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries – so many celebrations in May!  So many gifts to get!  My favorite place to shop for all of these celebrations is at my local nursery. Nurseries have so many lovely gifts, and it doesn’t have to be a “gardening” gift!

Plants and plant care items abound at nurseries of course, but so do all manner of other possible gifts. For example, more than 50 percent of Americans polled like to watch birds in their yard. Hummingbird feeders are a pleasure, even for apartment dwellers.

Garden art and artifacts are multitudinous. To keep on the bird theme, how about a bird bath? Water in the desert is always a treat. If the recipient doesn’t want to maintain a bird bath, it can be repurposed into a planter.

Garden art can be whimsical or representational. What best suits the giftee? Personally, I like rabbits, but when it comes to rabbits in the garden I only like them if they are statues.

For the person who complains they have a “brown thumb,” succulents can be a durable gift. Alternatively, select a plant that is known to be short-lived, like pansies, sunflowers, basil, or a pot of ornamental peppers. Truth is – all gardeners kill plants! Other than sequoias and saguaros, most plants do not live long lives.

Color in the garden is fine, and if you know the person has a certain type of pot, like talavera or blue glazed, then certainly add to their collection. Which one? My spouse and I long ago solved this dilemma by me selecting five or so things I like, and he surprises me with one of them.

Avoid size-based gifts, like gloves or hats. If the person so gifted has to return them for the correct size, your gift becomes a thief of their time. When in doubt, go with the Zen saying, “The question is the answer.” What this means is that if you have to wonder about it, you have answered the question about if it is right for them or not. Gift cards are always an option.


I hope this give you some ideas to help support your local nursery. I urge you to shop local – so they will be there for you when you want plants, products, PLUS horticultural knowledge simply not found in big box stores.

My next favorite place to shop is a book store, but we will have to save that for another day. You could support your local author with a gardening book by Ann or Jacqueline. Our site is linked to Amazon, so if you click on them and order any, we get a couple of pennies at no additional cost to you.


If you live in Southeastern Arizona, please come to one of my lectures. Look for me at your local Pima County Library branch, Steam Pump Ranch, Tubac Presidio, Tucson Festival of Books and other venues. After each event I will be signing copies of my books, including “Southwest Fruit and Vegetable Gardening,” written for Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico (Cool Springs Press, $23).

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