Product Review: ECO-1 Garden Spray

Aphids are just one of the sucking insects every gardener fights. Using an organic horticultural oil to prevent their appearance is just one of the ways we can combat them. Photo Source: Pixabay

I’m always on the lookout for new pest management products that are effective and environmentally friendly. When I heard about ECO-1, a new control solution for damaging insects, I asked for a sample. The ArborJet Company was delighted to send me a complimentary spray bottle of this new product for review.

ECO- 1 Garden Spray is a petroleum-free horticultural oil spray. The three active ingredients of linseed oil, thyme oil, and peppermint oil, each provide a separate component in the arsenal against damaging insects and disease. The linseed oil* has a smothering effect. The thyme oil is an anti-fungal. The peppermint oil provides a natural insect growth inhibitor. Together they give the gardener a useful tool for preventing disease and insect infestations.

ECO-1 Garden Spray is a safe, organic horticultural oil for use against a variety of pests. It comes in a handy pump spray that can be refilled with replacement concentrate. Photo Source: ArborJet

In preparation for this review, I did a little digging into the best way ECO-1 could be used in my garden. I discovered that horticultural oils like ECO-1 are best used before disease and insect infestations appear, the gardening equivalent of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The ECO-1 label states that “for best results, apply when conditions favor disease development or at the first sign of disease.”

Although horticultural oils like ECO-1 are excellent for disease prevention, they can have some negative effects on some plants. New leaves are often sensitive to these oils and can “burn” if sprayed. If you are using this product on a plant for the first time, do a test spray first to see if there is any bad reaction.

Protect flowers like this hardy Joseph’s Coat climbing rose from pests with a preventive spray of ECO-1 horticultural oil. For more delicate plants, do a test spray on a small part of the plant before spraying all the leaves.

Since many of our readers grow succulents and cacti, I checked with fellow SWG writer Jacqueline Soule about the possible effects of horticultural oils on these dry climate plants. When asked if gardeners could use these oils on cacti, she replied with a resounding “No – not on any succulents [or cacti] at all!” Jacqueline pointed out that all horticultural oils can damage “the waxes that protect them from desiccation,” definitely not a good thing.

Another caution for Southwest gardeners is that horticultural oils should not be used when daytime highs are over 90 degrees. That cuts down on its usefulness for some of us, but insects are active in the cooler months as well.

The ECO-1 Garden Spray comes in a ready-to-use formula in a 32-ounce easy-grip bottle with a pump spray. Refill bottles of the concentrated horticultural oil are available in 8-ounce and 32-ounce sizes. ECO-1 can be purchased at many independent garden centers in the Southwest. You can also go online through ArborJet’s community garden site The Dirt on Dirt. Use promo code “HERBNCOWGIRL” when ordering to get a 15% discount on your order (limit one per user). This offer is good through June 30, 2018.


*Note: The linseed oil in ECO-1 is a food-safe formulation approved by the EPA.


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