Product Review: Tula Hats

Tula Hat Style ‘Laurel Lattice’

I enjoy time out in the garden, but the intense sun of the Southwest isn’t good for my fair skin, so wearing a hat is a must for me. I’ve worn many different types of hats and have never found just the right one that is fashionable while offering decent sun protection, until now. Tula Hats is a company based in the Southwest that blends stylish headwear with the highest degree of sun protection available. 

Tula Women’s ‘Brook’ Hat

Mexican artisans have been making hand-woven hats using the fibers from palm leaves to create hats for more than four centuries and the folks at Tula Hats have partnered with them to create fashionable hats that offer the ultimate shield from the sun, rated at UPF 50+. Each of their hats is unique and made by hand in a Mexican village. Further, they are certified fair-trade, which ensures that the craftsmen receive fair wages and work in safe working conditions.

Gardener’s Lattice Hat and Women’s Ranch Hat

Tula hats come in a large variety of styles for both men and women and are suitable for wearing while gardening or attending an outdoor party. I am thrilled with my ‘Chloe’ hat and how versatile it is, and as I travel a lot, it is easy to pack by placing clothes inside and around it. There are so many great choices that I may need to buy another one, or two!

‘Laurel Lattice’ Tula Hat

The folks at Tula Hats are offering the chance for two Southwest Gardening Blog followers to win one of their most popular hats, the ‘Laurel Lattice’, which has a larger front brim with decorative lattice.

Here is all you have to do to win:

Just leave a comment on this post by July 17 with a valid email address; that’s how we’ll contact the winner. After commenting, be sure to check our blog posts for helpful tips for Southwest gardeners. You also can subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.

We’ll announce the winners on the blog by July 20. Any visitor to Southwest Gardening Blog who lives in the continental U.S. is eligible. You only need to add a comment to this blog post (following prompts for a valid email address). Leave your comment between July 12, 2018, and July 17, 2018. We will draw winners from among those who comment. Each winner will receive a ‘Laurel Lattice’ Tula Hat in the mail. No purchase necessary.

The Tula Hat Giveaway is sponsored by Southwest Gardening, LLC, of Ft. Worth, Texas, and Tula Hats of Austin, Texas. All images courtesy of Tula Hats. All opinions expressed are those of Noelle Johnson, who purchased her own Tula Hat and loves it.




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  • Linda

    I have always hated wearing hats, but see so many women with cute ones that I keep trying. These might change my mind for good! I plan to seek them out.

  • Becca Fontaine

    These Tula hats are gorgeous! They are high fashion chapeau regardless of the UPF 50+!! Since they are made right here in my town I’m going online to support local business. Thank you so much for bringing Tula hats to my attention—I’d love to win one too!!

  • Sharon Gomez

    Living in Lake Havasu City AZ can be especially hard on our skin. With temperature reaching up to 120 degrees, the intensity of the sun can do so much damage to our skin. I wear high SPF sunscreen daily and a hat EVERY time I’m gardening our just out looking at my plants. One of these gorgeous hats would be great to Have! Love the Ranchh Hat! Thanks for the offer!

  • Sharon Gomez

    Living in Lake Havasu City AZ can be especially hard on our skin. With temperature reaching up to 120 degrees, the intensity of the sun can do so much damage to our skin. I wear high SPF sunscreen daily and a hat EVERY time I’m gardening our just out looking at my plants. One of these gorgeous hats would be great to Have! Thanks for the offer!

  • Brandi Young

    Hats are so important! I used to think sunglasses are all I need but then realized a hat offers much more protection. I’d give this hat to my sister because she just had two skin cancer spots removed from her cheek.

  • June Veloce

    NIce hats! Definitely a MUST here. I can’t believe just how strong and bright it is compared to the east coast. Would love to have one!

  • Susan Wiggins

    Tula hats are my favorite for shielding my face, neck and shoulders from the brutal Texas sun. I have two and both have been incredibly durable. My sister in law has the Laurel and I have never seen her wear it. I am covetous for this hat. So sad.

  • Carol A. LaPorte

    Beautiful hats! Having fair skin & recently having a skin cancer removed from my face means I have to ALWAYS wear a hat & sun screen when I’m outside here in Sedona, AZ. I would love to win one of these hats! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Hilary McDaniel

    I need one of these. I have a rare skin disease that
    Prohibits me from getting sun on my skin.
    I’ve bought so many hats and they never fit
    my head. I think I have a 8 1/2” head diameter
    Hope to win. Thanks

  • Susan A. Lee

    I am an avid SW gardener that is allergic to the sun (lupus) so one of these beautiful hats would be IDEAL!

  • Anngie McWilliams

    After having a skin cancer removed this year I must wear hats and long sleeves when in my garden. These hats are lovely and I would wear any or all of them. I rarely leave the house without a hat nowadays.

  • Elizabeth srutowski

    My husband always says to wear a hat while I’m out working in the yard. Unfortunately I haven’t found one I like yet. Hoping to win this to try.

  • Kim Andrews

    Love the Laurel Lattice Hat by Tula!!! So much more sun protection from the wide brim and heat relief from the air space than other hats provide. It is a fashion I prefer. A must for my wardrobe.

  • Diann Kollman

    I enjoy you articles, helpful and informative. And now a lovely sun hat, with info on where to get them. Thank you!

  • Nancy Ely

    Besides being cute, I like that these hats are UPF 50+ and also that they are fair trade items.

  • Marchelle Taylor

    Love the fact they have 7 1/4 for ladies. Only garden hat that fits right and they last forever.

  • Darcie Naylor

    Love the selection! They are so cute. My husband has a great sun hat he wears, but I just stick a baseball cap on my head and a lot of sunscreen on my neck, face, and shoulders. These look like a much better option! Fingers crossed!

  • Kathy Nickolich

    Loved your detailed plan for keeping palms healthy in your last report! It has helped us New Jersey transplants immensely, thank you. If I can’t win the laurel hat, I will definitely have to buy one.

  • Sharon A McAvoy

    Everyone keeps telling me to Wear a hat! in hot hot Phoenix, so the Laurel Lattice hat could be just the hat I need!

  • raymonde

    Hard to find practical & fashionable hats to protect in the AZ sun, even in early morning hours.

  • Kaye Gross

    These hats are incredible – would love to have one hanging from my hall tree after a morning of gardening. Like Elizabeth above, would like to have a discount code so I can get one if I don’t win it first!

  • Sandy Smith

    Thanks Noelle for the new ‘Hat Tip’! Never set foot outside without my big hat. I’m heading over to their site the minute I post this.
    Thx again.

  • Elizabeth Denniston

    Loving these hats! My sun visor is just not cutting it in this hot Texas sun! If I don’t win one how about a discount code? I will be sure to purchase one.

  • Laurrie

    These hats look great! The sun is intense here in Santa Fe and I definitely need to shield myself when out in my garden. Love the stylish look.