• pink-blooms-flower-carpet

    Flower Carpet Roses: You Can Grow That!

    Roses are such classic beauties in the garden and we all love the thousands of colors and flower types that hybridizers have to offer. Each seems unique and personal. And Flower Carpet roses are truly unique because they grow low like a groundcover.

  • tall-cactus-fabric-cover-

    Microclimates Help Plants Beat Heat–and Cold

    A microclimate mimics nature and even human behavior. Let’s say it is 105 degrees Fahrenheit on a sunny desert afternoon. What is the first thing you do if you are having to wait outside for your Uber ride? Move 10 feet over and stand or sit in the shade of a tree! When the weather heats up in summer or…

  • connecting-no-splash-dramm-quick-change

    Product Review: Dramm Quick Change Systems

    Even though we plant plenty of waterwise plants in our Southwest gardens, we have to water in times of drought and high heat to get seeds started or new plants established, and for lots of home and garden chores. When you water with a hose, you often have to disconnect and reconnect it to new devices, like a watering wand,…

  • southwest-mistletoe-fruit

    Desert Mistletoe Attracts Wildlife

    There are many species of mistletoe around the world, found on a number of trees. Many people mistakenly think they have to get rid of mistletoe plants, but they shouldn’t — at least in the Southwest. Desert mistletoe attracts native birds and butterflies. All mistletoe plants are toxic. The berries of almost all mistletoe species are toxic. The one exception…

  • weeder-handheld-hoe

    Top 5 Tools for Beginning Gardeners

    Without spending a lot of money, you can get started gardening or supply a new “recruit” with all the garden tools he or she needs to make gardening fun and easy. It’s tough to narrow my favorite tools down to just five, but I find these gardening tools are the most handy and get the job done.   Pruners Pruners…