• handmade holiday centerpiece with baby pumpkins

    Happy Holidays – From YOUR Garden!

    I am no Martha Stewart, but I love giving and receiving homemade gifts. I also like being resourceful and creative, maybe because I can’t run out to a hobby store when I need to decorate for the holidays. The closest one is at least 50 miles away. But the greatest satisfaction I’ve gotten from holiday gift-making and decorating has come…

  • Creative Combos for Your Landscape

    A landscape should be more than some plants plunked down around the yard. As a comparison, think about eating a meal. Choking down an overcooked burger on a dry bun is like a landscape without a design. Wouldn’t you rather savor a rich and flavorful meal? Likewise, your yard should be designed to be

  • It’s Time to Make Southwest Gardening Fun

    Our contributors are horticulturalists, master gardeners and mostly lovers of Southwest gardening. Get to know our bloggers and how they'll make gardening in the Southwest a little easier and way more fun.