• red flowering shrubs and cactus

    5 Plants for Winter Color in Desert Gardens

    Living in the low to the mid-altitude desert can be a challenging place to garden in with hot, dry summers. However, it’s also a place where we can enjoy year-round color in the landscape – even in winter!

  • Lavender Spanish

    5 Plants That Can Take the Southwest Heat and More!

    It’s no surprise that the biggest challenge to growing plants in our region is the intense heat and dryness of summer, which is a stressful environment for plants. Thankfully, there are several plants that thrive in a hot, dry climate. Here are a few of Southwest Gardening’s Noelle Johnson’s favorite plants that can take the Southwest heat. 1. Bush Lantana (Lantana…

  • flowering shrubs winter desert landscape

    5 Colorful Plants for the Desert Winter Landscape

    Winter gardens don’t have to lifeless and devoid of color if you live in the desert Southwest. Fill your outdoor space with welcome splashes of color with these 5 colorful plants for the desert winter landscape.

  • penstemon-eatonii

    Mad About Penstemons

    Every winter season, SWG’s Noelle Johnson awaits the appearance of the first flowers of her penstemon. As early as November, her firecracker penstemon begins to bloom in her low-desert garden. Hummingbirds arrive soon afterward and sip the nectar inside each trumpet-shaped blossom.