• pink-blooms-flower-carpet

    Flower Carpet Roses: You Can Grow That!

    Roses are such classic beauties in the garden and we all love the thousands of colors and flower types that hybridizers have to offer. Each seems unique and personal. And Flower Carpet roses are truly unique because they grow low like a groundcover.

  • Moon-garden-wildflower

    Moon Garden – for You and Mosquito Eaters to Enjoy

    Mosquitoes are not only annoying, they can carry dreadful diseases. And yet, the time to enjoy our gardens in the Southwest summer is in the cool of evening – right when those pests are flying. To resolve this dilemma, plus help create an enjoyable evening space, PLUS a space that attracts night-flying mosquito-eating bats and birds (like the lesser nighthawk)…

  • cosmos-cornflowers-colors-wildflowers

    Growing a Wildflower Meadow in Our Dry Climate

    Wildflower meadows are natural, colorful patches of yard that resemble walks in the mountains in summer. Although they arise naturally in many areas of the dry Southwest, growing one of your own is not as simple as seed companies might make it sound.

  • edible-flower-mint

    Enchanting Edible Flowers

    Eating flowers has a long and venerable history. In Victorian England, rose tarts and candied violets were favorites. Citrus blossom tea was a treat in 17th century Versailles. In the Orient, “golden needles” are a key ingredient in many dishes. Golden needles are dried day lily buds. And here in the Southwest, Natives feasted on squash blossoms, cholla buds, and…