• Airplant: You Can Grow That!

    Maybe “grow” is not the right word for an airplant, which needs no soil and grows very slowly. But airplants (Tillandsia) are just about as easy as it gets to add some live greenery to a room without worrying about how green your thumb might be. I consider them a “gateway” plant to get people excited about houseplants and gardening.…

  • streptocarpus-lenora-purple-flowers

    Gesneriads: You Can Grow That!

      Gesneriad refers to a family of plants, mostly tropical, that includes African violets. Most Southwest gardeners like to grow a few houseplants to get us through the off-season, when it is too cold — or hot — outside for our garden plants and us! With gesneriads, you can test your skills at reading clues plants give you and even…

  • Grow African Violets For Indoor Color

    I began my love affair with African violets back when I was living in a college dorm room. With so little space I nevertheless longed to have some flowers growing. Then a friend and I discovered African violets.