• dark storm clouds

    Preparing Your Landscape for Summer Monsoons

    The summer monsoon is a dramatic event that occurs throughout the Southwest, bringing rain and brief periods of cooler temperatures. But with the welcome rainfall and brief respite from the heat comes the potential for damaging wind and flooding. Although much of the Southwest is dry and arid, summer rain comes down in torrents accompanied by high winds. Not surprisingly,…

  • A-Z EZ Caddy and garden pruning

    Product Review: Easy Garden Cleanup With A-Z EZ Caddy

    Do you get tired of the mess left behind when you prune back your plants? I confess that I do, and no matter how hard I try, there are always clippings left behind on the ground despite my best efforts pick them all up. It also takes a toll on my back by bending down to prune and then having…

  • overgrown-orange-bells

    Got Overgrown Shrubs? Know When to Prune Or Replace

    Have the shrubs in your garden seen better days? Perhaps you have noticed them appearing somewhat straggly and overgrown and wondered whether severe pruning will improve their appearance or if you should replace them. Let’s take a look at how to determine when to prune or replace the shrubs in your landscape.

  • using-corona-flexdial-pruners

    Product Review: Corona FlexDial Pruners

    *This blog post contains an affiliate link. If you click through and make a purchase, we may receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). Thanks for your support in this way. Spring is pruning season, and we’ve got a big garden full of native roses and other xeric perennial plants that I’m finally able to begin cleaning up…

  • drought tolerant landscape

    6 Ways to Update an Outdated Landscape

    Has your landscape seen better days? While the interior of our homes may showcase the newest design trends – sometimes the outside is ignored. The landscaping around our homes compromises approximately 15 percent of its value, making it worthwhile to make some needed updates. Landscape trends come and go,