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    5 Uses for Ornamental Grasses

    When homeowners plan landscapes or stroll through a garden center, they often gravitate to brightly colored flowers. And every garden needs some color, so that’s great. But flowering plants have seasons when they bloom, depending on the average temperatures in a low or high desert region.

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    Caring for Vegetables and Herbs in Heat and Drought

    I know some areas of the Southwest have received excellent rain and some of the northern rivers are full of snow melt. But where I live in southeastern New Mexico, we have recorded only 4.85 inches of rain all year – and only about one quarter inch this summer. Plus, we went from cooler than normal to hotter than normal.…

  • Water Features in a Southwest Landscape

    Many people are drawn naturally to water. They willingly spend vast sums of money to purchase a home overlooking an ocean, lake, or stream. Lacking a nearby ocean, many desert dwellers add a water feature to their landscape. Don’t feel guilty if you want a water feature. Xeriscape is low-water use landscaping. It isn’t waterless landscaping, nor does it preclude…

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    Hybrid Torch Cactus Puts On a Spectacular Floral Display

    The arrival of spring sparks the transformation of cacti throughout the landscape as they burst forth in bloom. Cholla, prickly pear and even saguaro cacti show off their lovely flowers in mid to late spring. In addition to these somewhat common types of cactuses, there is another type with blooms that are nothing short of spectacular: Trichocereus, as well as…

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    Add Color, Save Water With Garden Art

    Here’s a xeriscaping strategy that also can justify fun shopping, or at least give your creativity a boost: Add art pieces and other nonplant color to your garden. Below are a few benefits and photo examples, mostly from my recent trip to Austin with the Garden Bloggers Fling. First, art needs no watering. Aside from fountains or bird baths, garden…