• bundled stalks of sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary

    Thyme: You Can Grow That!

    It loves poor soils, is drought tolerant, a spreading groundcover, a bee magnet – and delicious! You can grow thyme (Thymus vulgaris)  in your Southwest garden or in a container. Just be sure to grow it where you can reach in to harvest some stalks or simply rub your fingers on the foliage to enjoy the scent.

  • Catmint: You Can Grow That!

    Catmint, or Nepeta faassenii, is a tough plant that is easy to grow in many Southwest gardens. A member of the mint family, the plant spreads easily, so it makes an excellent groundcover. Each individual plant grows to about 18 inches wide and its purple flower spikes rise nearly the same height. This fun plant attracts

  • Aloe Vera: You Can Grow That!

      Among the dozens of herbs I grow in my garden is a desert succulent called aloe vera. What is that succulent doing in an herb garden? Well, it’s there because of its first aid value.

  • Blanket Flower: You Can Grow That!

    Gaillardia, or blanket flower, is an easy but bright flower to grow in Southwest gardens. The flower is native to areas of the Southwest, at least in open plains and wooded areas of 3,500 to 6,500 feet. There are so many Gaillardia varieties, however,

  • pink-pearl-bougainvillea-container

    Bougainvillea: You Can Grow That

    The vibrant color of bougainvillea adds a welcome splash of color to southwestern landscapes, and despite their lush green appearance, they thrive in hot, dry climates with little fuss. There are several different species of bougainvillea with Bougainvillea glabra, B. peruviana, and B. spectabilis being the most common.