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We’re Celebrating Compost Awareness With a Giveaway!

May 6 through 12 is International Compost Awareness Week, and we’re celebrating by giving away a kitchentop container from Mantis to one of Southwest Gardening Blog’s readers.

This kitchen countertop composter is perfect for short-term storage of kitchen waste. It features an easy-open lid and a carbon filter to reduce odors. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe. The bin holds 2.2 gallons of kitchen waste and has an easy-care handle so you can tote the waste to your worm tower or compost pile.

With this cute countertop container you can easily save kitchen scraps right where you clean up.


The countertop container opens with only one hand, so you can easily save food scraps like vegetable peels, egg shells, and many table scraps right where you clean up without having to trek outside each time you cook or wash dishes.

If you want to learn more about composting, read Jacqueline Soule’s recent post.

Here’s all you have to do to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post by May 15. Tell us why you compost, would like to compost, or how you would use a Kitchentop Container. Learn more about the container and see more photos on the Mantis website.
  2. Be sure to give us a valid email address when filling out the comment form.
  3. Wait to see if you are the lucky winner (more info on the drawing below). We’ll send you an email and announce the winner on the blog on May 19.
  4. Not required for the drawing, but feel free to subscribe to our newsletter (and receive a free infographic) or follow us on social media!


Any visitor to Southwest Gardening Blog who lives in the continental U.S. is eligible. You only need to add a comment to this blog post (following prompts for a valid email address). Leave your comment between May 10, 2018, and May 15, 2018. We’ll randomly draw one winner from among those who comment. The winner will receive a Kitchentop Container in the mail. 

We’ll announce the winner on May 19 on this site and in social media. No purchase necessary.

Kitchentop Container Giveaway is sponsored by Southwest Gardening, LLC, of Ft. Worth, Texas, and Mantis.

Images courtesy of Garden Media Group and Mantis.

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24 comments on “We’re Celebrating Compost Awareness With a Giveaway!

  1. Kenia

    This is just what I need so I can start composting. I was looking into it and decided it would be one of the first things I would do when I move. Thanks for the chance!

  2. Sophia

    Composting can reduce food scrapes, and makes rich soil for the garden. What a great thing to do!

  3. Kelly D

    I would like to compost so I can reduce the garbage we throw out and it would be good for our garden.

  4. I already compost but I sure don’t have a cutesy wootsey compost container like the one you are giving away!

  5. Lydia

    I have only begun to try composting, i still am not a pro at it and i know there is a right and wrong way to doing it, I’ve just got to memorize what can and cannot be composted. lol I would love to have the Kitchen-top Container compost bin.

  6. Carol Greenhill

    I fully believe in composting to create great garden soil for plants

  7. Cindy

    Dishwasher safe!!! How wonderful is this container. I always end up with gnats too but this would solve that little annoyance.

  8. Mary L Wallace

    I compost because it makes me happy! I’m recycling and making my garden happier. A lidded container like this one would keep the fruit flies out of my kitchen.

  9. Yelena Lando

    Please sign me in, I am collecting coffee ground and eggs shells every day but with your container I can do more.

  10. Janice

    I just started composting about 2 months ago. I have my first batch done, and I’m ready to start my next batch. I would love to have a kitchen compost holder like this so I don’t have to walk out every time in the 100+ Arizona degree heat.

  11. Melanie Chamness

    I would love to have this container to meet my compost needs. Compost is such a benefit to my garden. Thanks for this chance to help the environment and spruce up my garden.

  12. I compost to reduce my carbon footprint. I have a 5-gallon bucket from Recycled City, but I would love this container to collect kitchen waste in the short term, and then dump them in the bin every few days. Currently, I leave my egg shells in the corner of the counter, and it’s a beast to clean.

  13. Michelle Gilliam

    This kitchen compost bin is far superior to my little glass bowl that overflows with coffee grounds

  14. Kylin C

    I’ve been planning to start composting and just haven’t known where to start. This would be the push I need! I hope to improve our gardening by the use of compost. Prescott area soil is not ideal.

  15. Brandi Young

    I would love this composter because as you said, it is tough to trek out to the big bin every time we cook or eat. It is also much easier to have a countertop bin when you have guests over so they can give it a try. I am bad about not following my eco habits when entertaining.

  16. Melissa Davis

    Love my compost pile . I need a new kitchen top container , the handle broke .

  17. Reinhardt

    Makes collecting food scraps even easier!

  18. Becca Fontaine

    I planted my first herbs 2 weeks ago and I’m ready to start composting! This countertop container would make a wonderful debut tool for my newfound avocation!

  19. Kim Hagan

    I want to get started in composting and this would be a great way to do that! It’s so beneficial to our environment and would be a true bonus to be able to use it on my own garden.

  20. Sarah Hayman

    I love to compost because it is naturally nutritious for my plants! Would love the counter top bin to help get started on the right foot after I moved from wa state to yuma, az!

  21. Susan Miner

    I’m moving to a new area & can’t begin to tell you how much I will need this! Composting is so easy & yet so few of us do it…what a great way to help someone begin!

  22. Lisa Weathers

    I have an outdoor compost pile that I use for container gardening but would love to have a kitchen top composter to put my items in to carry out to my compost pile.

  23. Margie

    I’ve composted for about 12 years now. Good addition for the soil. My neighbors add to my compost bin also.

  24. Susan Wiggins

    Composting is a win-win activity. Good amendment for soil and no waste for the landfills. YEA!!

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