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Win Three Centurion Tools!

Our June giveaway is under way, thanks to the folks at Centurion Brand Tools. Centurion, a global tool provider, is based in Middleton, Wisc. Centurion has generously offered not one – but three — tools for one lucky winner:

Centurion Tools Bypass Pruner


All-steel bypass pruner. Bypass pruners are the best types of pruners for making clean, sharp cuts in fresh stems and small branches. Centurion’s bypass pruners have precision steel blades with a nonstick coating. The handle is coated for better gripping and the pruners open to make cuts up to 5/8 inch in diameter.



Centurion Tools floral and herb snipper

Stainless precision floral and herb snippers. When you need to make smaller cuts, like while deadheading or harvesting herbs or flowers, you want tiny blades. Centurion’s stainless precision snips open for ¼-inch cuts from precision ground stainless steel blades about 2 inches long. They’re also a great choice for bonsai cuts.




Centurion Tools multipattern twist nozzle.

Aluminum alloy 3-way Multipattern twist nozzle. This lightweight nozzle has three patterns and pressure control for spraying water for plenty of outdoor needs. The nonslip grip and other features improve comfort.





Here’s all you have to do to win:

  1. Just leave a comment on this post by June 27 with a valid email address; that’s how we’ll contact the winner. Maybe you’ve got some favorite Centurion tools or you planned on adding snippers to your holiday gift list. After commenting, be sure to check our blog posts for helpful tips for Southwest gardeners. You also can subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.
  2. Wait to see if you are the lucky winner (more info on the drawing below). We’ll announce the winner on the blog by June 30.

Any visitor to Southwest Gardening Blog who lives in the continental U.S. is eligible. You only need to add a comment to this blog post (following prompts for a valid email address). Leave your comment between June 21, 2018, and June 27, 2018. We’ll randomly draw one winner from among those who comment. The winner will receive all three Centurion tools in the mail. No purchase necessary.

The Centurion Tools Giveaway is sponsored by Southwest Gardening, LLC, of Ft. Worth, Texas, and Centurion ToolsSpecial thanks to the pros at Garden Media Group for putting us in touch with Centurion Tools. All images courtesy of GMG and Centurion.

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40 comments on “Win Three Centurion Tools!

  1. The tools are great. Would love to have some new tools for this year. I grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs every year.

  2. Brandi Young

    I just planted three rose bushes, one being a climbing variety that I plan to espalier around my dining room windows. These pruners will come in very handy!

  3. Patricia hlavinka

    I already have the pruner but a second one is always welcome!

  4. Vicki

    Oh – I need these tools! We moved from Oregon to southern Nevada and I need all the help I can get to grow something here!

  5. Karin Pereira

    Actually, I am trying to buy the pruner, but have no luck yet on Amazon. Why?

    • Karin: We’re checking on it; their tools are on Amazon, but we’re not sure why you’re not seeing the ones in the giveaway.

  6. Jenny Stallings

    I could definitely use a new pair of pruners!

  7. Patti Jordan

    I’m the 74 year old , but young at heart gardener, who spends hours in my flower gardens! It’s the best of times for me! We live in the Austin area where plants slmost grow on their own… amazing !
    Thanks for great articles and encouraging words! My soul is replenished in the soil!

    • Karin Pereira

      Close to your age, I totally agree on spending hours in the garden starting having coffee early on the patio. FYI, also living in Austin.

    • Anna Leyba

      Patti, Also close to your age, I discovered my love of gardening three years ago when I retired. Unfortunately, I don’t live where plants almost grow on their own, I live in New Mexico where I have to struggle. But, struggle I do because I love seeing new shoots and old flower friends. I’m with you, just recently discovered Southwest Gardening and am learning a great deal. Thanks for the info and most especially, as Patti says, the encouraging words. I also can use the new tools. 🙂

  8. Mary McClung

    I just moved to Arizona, and all my garden tools are in one of two storage units–at the bottom of the pile somewhere! If I win these, I bet they would arrive before I get the storage units cleared, and I would be most grateful! Fun to enter a drawing anyway–thanks!

  9. June e Veloce

    Never heard of this brand – it would be lovely to try them! These tools always come in handy!

  10. Mike H

    New tools would be nice.

  11. Margie

    The herb trimmers would add to my gardening tools. Never owned a pair.

  12. Sarah Hayman

    Pick me! I would love to have some new tools for my garden 🙂

  13. Cindy

    Amazing! I have a friend starting over after divorce that would really need these.

  14. Elizabeth Srutowski

    Haven’t tried these but have used non quality tools in the past and that just makes a fun hobby of gardening miserable.

  15. Rita Bricker

    Good quality tools make gardening so much easier.

  16. Always have to replace my nozzles each summer….Phoenix heat breaks down the plastic….enjoy your blog!

  17. I definitely would love some new nippers! Please choose me!

  18. Great set of tools. The herb trimmer would be so handy!

  19. The herb trimmer is great. I’d love one to give away

  20. Denise Leigh

    Wonderful giveaway!

  21. Donna Brumlow

    Sound like a great set of tools!

  22. Reinhardt

    Great Giveaway! Who doesn’t need new pruners!

  23. Sharon Gomez

    I am long overdue to replace my pruning/trimming tools. I would love to have Centurions tools. Very generous of Centurion to offer these tools to the Southwest Gardener. Thanks!

  24. Charles yeagly

    I have tried all kinds of pruners and none were worth buying. Finally sprung for a pair of Felco pruners. Best ones ever. But they were 40 dollars. Would like to try the pruners

  25. Jaqueline Harrell

    I would love to try some Centurion tools! My sprayers leak, the cutters are awkward, and scissors are hard to use to snip herbs. Please count me in – I love Southwest Gardening!

  26. Morgan Goldberg

    Herb trimmer needed!

  27. Barbara Nay

    My tools are always begin “borrowed” by family members. I’d love to have some that I don’t have to share and are my very own!

  28. Karin Pereira

    I would love to try them, any good tool, I am in.

  29. Sylvan Kaufman

    I’ve never used Centurion tools but I’d like to try them out. They look great in the photos! So far I have not found a hose nozzle that lasts more than about two years in our New Mexico climate even though I store them indoors in the winter.

  30. Shannon

    I have never seen Herb Trimmers, but I bet he’s got some tools.

  31. I’d like to know how long these tools last in a harsh environment, like South Texas! They would have to be tough! I’m willing to ‘put them to the test’!

  32. heather glenn

    these tools would beautifully compliment the centurion gardening spade tool set i already have! being new to arizona, i am having to learn a whole new region for gardening and the pruners would work so well on the climbing rose i planted this spring; the herb trimmer for clipping my chard and herbs from the veggie patch and i just bet that nozzle sprayer wouldn’t leak like my current sprayer does! thank you, centurion and southwest gardening, for this generous opportunity! now let’s go get our hands dirty!

  33. I could really use some new garden tools! Please count me in. 🙂

  34. Becca Fontaine

    Happy Summer Solstice! What a lovely giveaway and so generous of Centurion! Love getting my Southwest Gardening each week and learn something new each time.

  35. Lydia Muniz

    How exciting! I should live the herb trimmer 🙂 .

    • Lydia Muniz

      Ha ha ha! Didn’t proofread before sending.
      That’s, I would love the herb trimmer. 🙂

      • Ha! I see nothing wrong with living with herb trimmers… always handy when you need them.

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