2019 Annual Gift Guide

Welcome to our annual Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve got more than a dozen great gift ideas for Southwest gardeners or anyone who loves plants. Just click on the image to go directly to a page where you can purchase the gift or learn more so you can hint to the Santa in your life … Happy holidays from Ann, Noelle, Jacqueline and Teresa!

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New on the market in time for Christmas, the Collapsible Watering Can is just the thing for indoor gardeners with limited space. Once you’re done watering, just fold the spout up and the main body collapses to about 3 inches wide, making it easy to store and grab next time you water.

Feed the finches with Southwest style in this elegant feeder with copper highlights. Do you like songbirds but not the big bully pigeons, and the mess they make? Attract just the tiny, and tidy, finches! Their year-round cheery trills add a grace note to any yard.

Put a floral twist on your eyewear with these reading glasses. They come in several strengths. Each pair is a different color and you’ll always have a pair of readers nearby that reflects your love of gardening. Or four pair, because readers are like socks; they always disappear.

LED lights use less electricity than fluorescents, and this light with flexible goosenecks is perfect to fit wherever you want your plants to shine or flower. SWG’s Teresa Odle uses them on some of her African violets. You can clip them to growing stands or bookcase shelves and change colors to suit a plant’s needs, or your mood.

SWG’s Noelle Johnson is a huge fan of this Tula hat, which puts a stylish spin on sun protection in the garden. It fits easily without messing up hair and does a great job of keeping the sun at bay. Tula Hats are available in a variety of styles, including the Women’s Ranch Lattice.

The award-winning Christmas Cottontail is a charming children’s book about a gardening bunny and his adventures with Santa and the reindeer, written by garden writer Carol Michel. It is available through Amazon or from the author (or order from Carol and you cans ask for a signed copy!) 

We've got a few gifts for you or the person on your list who loves to grow on our website.

This handy wall calendar is full of photos and tips specific to gardening in the Southwest.  We’ve got tasks or ideas to fit every region (low to mid desert, high desert and mountains, and Texas). It’s a great gift for friends, neighbors, family, or that really special someone (that would be YOU!)

SWG contributors have created downloadable gardening classes just for Southwest residents. We’ve got lots of topics, and our tips and plants are specific to the Southwest. Once you choose your class, you can watch it anytime you like or refer back often. It’s all up to you.

After a good workout in her garden, SWG’s Ann McCormick often finds her hands are in need of a little TLC. That’s when she reaches for a deep moisturizing cream like this one from Thymes, scented with lavender, rose, clary sage, and violet. This scent also is available in body lotion.

One of the favorite gifts SWG’s Teresa Odle has received is a flower press for preserving some of her favorite violet and outdoor flowers. Use the flowers for crafts or place them in frames. It’s also great for kids who want to press leaves they collect. 

The principles of Feng-Shui landscape design advocate adding water to the landscape.  A fountain also invites birds in to bathe and drink, but moving water is not attractive to mosquitoes. An elegant Zen fountain adds serenity to the garden.

Protecting your hands from sun and dirt has never been so colorful! Available in a number of vibrant colors, these gloves fit nicely allowing you to do many tasks that involve precision such as planting seed, deadheading, and pulling weeds. Hand-washable for easy cleanup.

What gardener can resist this jigsaw puzzle of vintage seed packets? Brighten your winter evenings by assembling these seed packets as you dream of planting come spring. The 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle finishes to 30” x 24” and is made from sustainably sourced and non-toxic materials.

Growing herbs and vegetables in your backyard is easy with the Greenland Gardener Raised Bed Garden Kit. It’s made from recycled materials, so you can feel good about using this eco-friendly product; it also holds up better than those made of wood.

SWG’s Ann McCormick loves having large ceramic containers on her patio until they need to be moved! Rolling plant stands like this one from Bloem make it easier. This 16-inch saucer on four casters can handle up to 125 pounds.

Give gardeners or bird lovers a touch of whimsy for their garden. SWG’s Jacqueline Soule loves how Mr. Gnome is lounging in the bird bath catching some rays, but doesn’t bother the birds.  Landscape design hint: Don’t place it too close to the Zen Fountain above; that would just be wrong!

Add whimsy indoors or out with fun containers for cacti or airplants. This one even gives you a “hand” (sorry) in choosing the perfect soilless plant to rest inside. What a great gift for your friends or co-workers who claim to have brown thumbs (once again, sorry).

Still stumped? You can't go wrong with a cactus or succulent-themed gift.

Give guests a warm Southwest Welcome to your home with this cactus doormat. Made from natural coir, it cleans the bottom of shoes while adding a decorative touch to your front entry. And it’s so cute!

This little humidifier is another favorite gift received by SWG’s Teresa Odle and a practical gift for all of us who live in the dry Southwest. Teresa uses it to add humidity around her indoor plant stands. It plugs into any standard USB port for power.

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