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Low desert vegetable garden.

Got a SW Gardening Question?

You can find more than enough gardening information online and through social media. BUT.  But you live in the Southwest and its a really unique growing area!  This is where we can help you.  We live in the region and know how to deal with the reality of our climate.

Yes, gardening is different out here in the Southwest. Soils can be rock hard, water is scarce, and the humidity is generally low. We live here and know the conditions.  Together the four of us can help you have the yard and garden that you desire – be it bright with a lawn, rich with edibles, or a shady oasis.  (We do houseplants too!)

Our goal is to make it easier for those of us living in the Southwest to enjoy gardening.  We want to help you find information specific to our area and zones.  Information that’s easy to understand.

Who Are We?

We’re four long-time Southwest residents.  We do “garden stuff” for a living.  We wear many hats, including: garden writers, bloggers, consultants, scientists, Master Gardeners, garden coaches, book authors, photographers, foragers, cooks, and landscape designers. What it boils down to is that we are experienced gardeners living here in the arid Southwest.

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