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African Violet Photo Gallery

Southwest plant lovers might think African violets are the last houseplant they can grow; I know I had my doubts. The stunning plants are native to regions like Tanzania, with a temperate but tropical climate. But it only takes some trial and error to grow these pretty flowering plants in dry Southwest homes. I’m sharing some of my photos of African violets and gesneriads (African violets are in the gesneriad family) from local, regional and national shows, and a few from my own collection. Enjoy seeing all the variety and color of African violet hybrids. Learn more about their care from Ann McCormick’s previous post or connect to the African Violet Society of America in my profile below.

(Just click the thumbnail to see a larger version; enjoy!)

Teresa Odle, Southwest Gardening contributor

Teresa Odle is the editor of African Violet Magazine and author of a blog on low-water gardening in the Southwest.  Teresa trained as a Master Gardener in Albuquerque, N.M. She grew up in the Phoenix area, and has lived in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Teresa and her husband now attempt to manage four acres of land in zone 6B of southeastern New Mexico. The land includes a large xeric garden, herbs and vegetables, and a small orchard that borders the Rio Ruidoso in Lincoln County.

Teresa’s blog, Gardening in a Drought, won a 2016 national award for best writing in digital media from the Association for Garden Communicators.

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