Annual Gift Guide, 2018

Welcome to our Holiday Gift Guide. We just added 10 (plus a bonus) great gift ideas for Southwest gardeners to the 20 we already had! Just click on the image to go directly to a page where you can purchase the gift or learn more. Happy holidays!

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Last-Minute Gift Ideas

It's getting down to the wire, but with these (10 plus a bonus!) last-minute gift and stocking stuffer ideas, you can make it. Some are practical, but clever, and others indulge the gardener in your life with the kind of gift we hesitate to buy for ourselves. Happy Holidays from Southwest Gardening!

Felco Hand Pruners

Few gardeners have more hand pruners than they need! Give the gardener in your life a pair of quality pruners, like these from Felco.

Waterproof Garden Apron

Even though it seldom rains in much of the Southwest, you can get wet doing gardening chores. This waterproof apron will keep you drier and cleaner. Plus it's pretty. And has pockets!

Wind Chimes

Even if your gift recipient doesn't garden, the gentle sound of bamboo or wooden wind chimes brings the outdoors inside, especially on dreary days.

Southwest Fruit and Vegetable Gardening

Books are gardener favorites, and this one, by Southwest Gardening Blog's Jacqueline Soule, is specific to growing in our region. It's sure to help any new or established grower.

Hose Quick Connects

Here is a practical stocking stuffer for those who have to drag a hose around to soakers or different spray connectors, even for washing your car. The quick connects make hose attachment fast and easy.

Dramm Watering Wand

It's big for a stocking but even bigger as a water saver and garden helper. The Dramm Watering Wand helps you reach into hanging containers and has a shut-off valve on the handle.

A Touch of Whimsy

There are garden gnomes, and then there are cats that eat them. Fun garden art always is a hit, whether homemade, found online, or with a local flair (Texas star, sun symbol, Gila monster) and from a local gift shop or nursery.

Soil Moisture and pH Meter

Another great stocking stuffer and a practical tool! This meter takes some of the guesswork out of watering or shading plants. It can give you an idea of moisture and pH of soil and light at the base of the plant.

A Little Southwest Charm

A sterling silver necklace that celebrates the Southwest cactus is sure to please. And cacti and succulents are hot! Find cactus or succulent-themed accessories, clothing or household items online or locally.

Olivia rose david austin

Gardening Gift Certificate

Gardeners love gift certificates for favorite plants, like these David Austin roses. You can get ecards from favorite online plant companies, or stop by your local nursery and give them a little off-season income. This thoughtful gift is sure to please.

Local Love

Give some local love. Support Native Seeds/Search in Tucson by buying some of their seeds or an item from their store on North Campbell. Give a friend or loved one membership to your local botanical garden or arboretum, or maybe gift a gardening-related course.

Teresa Odle, Southwest Gardening contributor

Gift Ideas from Teresa Odle

I love how my family, especially my daughter, rewards my gardening habit each year with thoughtful gardening-related gifts. The hardest part is waiting for warm weather so I can use them! Here are some fun and practical ideas for the gardeners in your life.

Crabtree and Evelyn Gardeners Collection

This is a luxury, but a practical one. A friend gave me this set one Christmas and these honestly are the best products out there for cleaning and softening hands after playing in the dirt. And they smell lovely too.

Swissco Hand Brush

But even the best soap can't make your fingernails look better without a nice hand brush. I got this one as a gift from my sister-in-law a few years back. The natural, soft bristles do the trick much better than plastic ones. We keep it right on our mudroom counter. And it fits in a stocking...

Gloves for Every Gardening Task

Of course, if I were smart, I would wear gloves more often. When I'm pruning roses or other prickly or itchy plants, these gloves, a gift from my husband, protect my hands and arms so much better. You can never have enough gloves in enough different materials!

Pretty Books like this Victorian Album

It's great to have books with tips and information, and sometimes you just love looking at photos -- or lovely botanical drawings. This is an excellent coffee table or sunroom book, loaded with hand-drawn illustrations by Henry Terry to document local English flora in the Victorian Era.

Seedkeeper Book

Then, there are books that are practical and pretty. My daughter gave me this SeedKeeper, with pages inside to hold seed packets -- with a "closer" to keep open packets from spilling, but a window to the package and space for notes about sowing and harvest. She got this at a local Albuquerque shop (Spurline in Albuquerque). So, shop local for similar unique gifts or link from here.

Gift Ideas from Jacqueline Soule

There are so many great gifts for gardeners, both online and at your local nurseries and gift shops. Here are five of my favorites, including one that gives back.

Copper Hummingbird Feeder

Advertised as the original bee-proof hummingbird feeder, these charming copper feeders are perfect for the Southwest yard. Their creator served more than 20 years in the hummingbird aviary at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. These feeders keep the bees out, are easy to fill and clean and easy on the eyes and pocketbook! I only have one – so far! (hint, hint)

Ben's Bells

Ben's Bells Project started in Tucson to teach individuals and communities about the positive impacts of intentional kindness. What a perfect message for the season! On your balcony, patio, or acre of landscape, another wind chime will always fit, especially when it's for a good cause.

Botanical Interests Suite of Seeds

I like to grow herbs, in part because desert critters don't bother with such strongly flavored plants. I have grown seed from this company in the past and always had great success. The heirloom selection of non-GMO herb seeds looks grand. It comes with 10 varieties of Botanical Interests herb seeds in a gift box tied with bow.

Colorful Dramm Garden Hose

I leave my hoses laying uncoiled in the garden and to my eyes, green hoses just don't look right in my desert yard. These brightly colored hoses by Dramm will give me a non-desert color in the yard; I want it to be vibrant! And they are made from a material that will last for years in our searing sunlight.

The Budget-Wise Gardener

This book, by Kerry Ann Mendez (and St. Lynn's Press) shares tips for saving money while indulging in America's number one hobby – gardening! It has tips for snowy climes and our hotter regions too.

Gift Ideas from Noelle Johnson

When working in my Southwest garden, I use all of these products, which make my gardening tasks easier and more enjoyable. They are certain to be favorite tools for the gardener in your life.

A-Z EZ Caddy garden clean up

A-Z EZ Garden Caddy

Garden clean-up is a breeze with A-Z EZ Garden Caddy. Pruning can be a messy affair, but no longer. The thick poly fabric is both flexible and strong and the handles of this caddy make it easy to carry and throw out branches and other garden clippings.

Tula Hats

Chic, comfortable sun protection is yours with Tula Hats. These hats are handmade in Mexico from palm fiber in a variety of fashionable designs. I never used to be a fan of wearing hats, but not anymore, thanks to my stylish Tula Hat.

Garden Tool TubTrug


Garden tasks are so much easier with a TubTrug. These colorful, flexible plastic tubs have limitless uses, including collecting garden clippings, hauling garden equipment, mixing fertilizer with water and so much more. You will find so many more things you can use your TubTrug for too!

Sloggers Garden Shoes

Let’s face it, gardening can be messy – especially on your shoes, which is why I love wearing my Slogger Garden Shoes whenever I work in the garden. They are very comfortable and come in several pretty designs.

Gorilla Garden Cart

Bigger garden jobs become much easier to handle with my Gorilla Garden Cart. From hauling bags of compost or garden soil, to moving the newest shipment of plants into my garden, this cart is an invaluable tool for moving heavier objects in the garden. .

ann mccormick

Gift Ideas from Ann McCormick

Ann always wants herbs for Christmas. And she's got great gift ideas for the gardeners in your life.

Bulb-forcing Kit

Enjoy the fragrance and color of a blooming white hyacinth. This clever kit includes a clear glass vase and hyacinth bulb plus easy instructions. And you can plant the bulb outdoors later for repeat blooming.

China Bayles' Book of Days

A day-by-day book of herbal information and lore from Susan Wittig Albert, author of the best-selling China Bayles mysteries set in the Texas Hill Country. This entertaining book celebrates “the mystery, myth and magic of herbs.” It's a must-have book for herb enthusiasts.

Mini-Bookshelf/Plant Stand

You can display your plants (and garden books!) o this collapsible wooden two-shelf plant stand. Easily move it indoors or outside. It comes in natural wood or painted blue.

Aerogarden LED Grow Light

The plants you grow indoors will thrive with the right lighting. This AeroGarden LED light is an energy efficient, easy way to start seeds and grow plants indoors. You can raise the adjustable stand as your plants grow. It comes with both a stand and a hanging kit.

Copper Rain Chain

It's pretty and functional. Connect this copper rain chain to a roof downspout and enjoy its music every time it rains. This 8.5-foot rain chain is made from a series of copper lotus shapes. It includes a V-shaped gutter hook for immediate installation.