• native-shrub-chuparosa

    You Can Grow That: Chuparosa

    People often react with surprise when they learn there are many colorful desert natives. Chuparosa (Justicia californica) is native to the Sonoran Desert and provides a welcome splash of color to desert landscapes and is easy to grow. One of the benefits of using native plants in challenging climates is that they thrive with little fuss and is a great…

  • red flowering shrubs and cactus

    5 Plants for Winter Color in Desert Gardens

    Living in the low to the mid-altitude desert can be a challenging place to garden in with hot, dry summers. However, it’s also a place where we can enjoy year-round color in the landscape – even in winter!

  • Just in Time for 2020: Our Southwest Gardening Calendar!

    Have you ever found yourself wishing that you had a monthly guide to assist you in your garden tasks? Well, look no further. We have been hard at work, creating a special resource for you. Now, this isn’t just any wall calendar. Oh yes, there are beautiful photos of plants and Southwest gardens, but there is SO much more! Within…