• black dalea

    Black Dalea: You Can Grow That!

    Signs that fall is on its way begin to appear in late summer. From fewer hot days to lengthening shadows, this is a time that we refer to as a “second spring,”. This is when people venture back out into the garden and plants perk up as temperatures begin to cool. While many plants bloom throughout the warm season, some plants…

  • For Color and Flavor, Grow The Tagetes Twins

    I’m always on the lookout for native plants that will perform well in my herb garden. Using native plants means lower water needs and greater resistance to the extremes of our rapidly changeable weather. Two of my favorite Southwest native herbs are what I think of as the Tagetes Twins

  • Repurpose for a Personal Touch in Your Garden

    Sometimes, you just run out of containers, as many plant addicts do. Or maybe you see an object while shopping or cleaning that you know would make the perfect planter or vase. It’s also fun to add a touch of your personality to your garden and houseplant designs. Whatever the reason, planting in unique and found containers is just plain…

  • yellow-dot leaves and flowers

    Trade Your Thirsty Lawn for Gorgeous Groundcovers

    The Southwest is a naturally different and dryer land than the prairies of the Midwest or the forests of the East. Lawns are not a normal part of this arid landscape, and thus require extensive work to maintain. The seven principles of xeriscape state that lawn is fine in an area where you will use it – but what about…