• multiple agave plants in landscape

    5 Wonderful Agaves for Southwestern Gardens

    Agaves are an iconic succulent of the Southwestern landscape and thrive in our dry climate with little care. Their fleshy leaves come in a multitude of shapes from large and wide to skinny and narrow. The leaves are arranged in a rosette pattern, and most have sharp points at their tips. Depending on the species, the edges of the leaves may…

  • Aloe Vera: You Can Grow That!

      Among the dozens of herbs I grow in my garden is a desert succulent called aloe vera. What is that succulent doing in an herb garden? Well, it’s there because of its first aid value.

  • Snapshots From Our Gardens

    It’s the end of July and all across the Southwest we’re dealing with hot weather. Time to sit back in the shade and enjoy our gardens. In that spirit, here are some shots from the gardens of our writers. We hope you will enjoy our photos and be inspired to further heights of gardening – once the weather cools down.

  • Grow African Violets For Indoor Color

    I began my love affair with African violets back when I was living in a college dorm room. With so little space I nevertheless longed to have some flowers growing. Then a friend and I discovered African violets.

  • weeds in wheelbarrow

    Weeds Happen. What Can a Gardener Do?

    Is there anything more frustrating to gardeners than weeds popping up overnight (night after night) in their beds and yards? In many areas of the Southwest, gardens look pristine, if not as colorful, before summer monsoons begin to deliver much-needed rain. The problem is what’s good for your ornamentals also is good for weeds. We don’t believe we’ll ever fully…