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    Sweet Herb Plants for Your Sweetheart

    Valentine’s Day Dilemma As Valentine’s Day rolls around, it can be tough to get just the right gift. Here are some plant ideas that might work for you;  they did for my sweetheart! I am married to a practical man. He works as an engineering troubleshooter. Logic rules in his world. When we were dating, he confessed that Valentine’s Day…

  • Mid-Winter Houseplant Care

    The hardest time of year for garden enthusiasts is now, when the winter weather makes it too cold to do much outdoors. Now is the perfect time to garden indoors by providing a little tender loving care (TLC) to your philodendrons, ferns, and other indoor plants. Here are five signs that your houseplants could use some help. Pale Leaves and…

  • Passive Solar and Plants

    Passive solar design for homes relies on many of the same principles as for placing plants; likewise, landscaping can affect a home’s passive solar efficiency. We live in a passive solar home in the high desert/intermountain area of southeast New Mexico. The home is designed to maximize the warming effects of the sun in winter and the cooling effects of…

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    Pretty–and Pretty Historic! Celebrate the Poinsettia

    National Poinsettia Day is December 12. How sweet — America’s favorite holiday flower has its own special day of recognition! Congress and the floral industry joined to designate this day to celebrate the timely beauty and rich history of the poinsettia. And an interesting history it is too.