• pink-pearl-bougainvillea-container

    Bougainvillea: You Can Grow That

    The vibrant color of bougainvillea adds a welcome splash of color to southwestern landscapes, and despite their lush green appearance, they thrive in hot, dry climates with little fuss. There are several different species of bougainvillea with Bougainvillea glabra, B. peruviana, and B. spectabilis being the most common.

  • harvesting-southernwood

    Grow Southernwood For Wonderful Fragrance

    One of the things that continues to draw me to herbs is the panorama of aromas available in an herb garden. High on my list of must-have scented herbs to grow is southernwood, a tough plant for Southwest gardens.

  • native-grass-lawn

    Native Grasses for Low-Water Lawns

    Rocks and gravel are essential components of dry Southwest landscaping, and we rely heavily on both. But I do believe some Southwest gardeners can have a sustainable patch of grass that uses little water and requires minimal maintenance. The pluses:

  • coral-fountain-shrub-monstrous-totem

    Smart Plant Choices To Decrease Water Use in the Landscape

    Residents of the Southwest know how valuable a resource our water is and that it’s important to conserve this precious resource where we can. The best place to look at water savings should begin in the landscape, where up to 75% of household water use occurs. While this is a lot of water, there are a number of ways you can…

  • bok-choy-mulched

    The Magic of Mulch

      I’m never one to believe fantastic claims made for most garden products. There’s no magic potion for plants that will guarantee a bountiful harvest. There is however, one thing that comes awfully close