A-Z EZ Caddy and garden pruning

Product Review: Easy Garden Cleanup With A-Z EZ Caddy

A-Z EZ Caddy garden clean up
Garden clean-up is easy with A-Z EZ Caddy

Do you get tired of the mess left behind when you prune back your plants? I confess that I do, and no matter how hard I try, there are always clippings left behind on the ground despite my best efforts pick them all up. It also takes a toll on my back by bending down to prune and then having to bend multiple times again to pick up all the stems and branches that I’ve pruned.

Well, due to a gift from a friend, I no longer have to deal with the mess any longer when I am pruning or doing general garden cleanup, and it’s all because of A-Z EZ Caddy.

A-Z EZ Caddy garden clean up
A-Z EZ Caddy has a variety of uses in addition to garden tasks.

As a horticulturist, I’ve tested countless garden-related products, and I confess that it takes a lot to get me excited about a particular one, but the A-Z EZ Caddy truly impressed me. I was introduced to this product by a friend who is a master gardener while on a visit to her Arizona garden. She showed me how it worked and I knew right away that I had to get one for my garden. A couple of weeks later, my friend bought one for me to use in my garden.

Assembling A-Z EZ Caddy
A-Z EZ Caddy is easy to assemble

Admittedly, assembling products isn’t my strong suit, but the caddy was easy to put together and consists of just a few pieces. It is made of durable poly material and is approximately 28 inches long on each side, and the sides are anchored with metal rods the orange handles are attached to. The “lip” of the caddy has a thick layer of flexible plastic.

A-Z EZ Caddy and garden pruning
My garden is overgrown and in need of heading back.

In my side garden, I have a fenced area where I grow roses and perennials, which need pruning several times a year to keep them healthy and flowering — making it the perfect place to test my new caddy. I placed it close to the garden so it would be easy to throw the clippings on it.

A-Z EZ Caddy with plant clippings
Plant clippings on the A-Z EZ Caddy

Like many times when I start pruning, I plan on doing just a little pruning. However, once I get started, I tend to keep going and almost always prune more than I initially plan on doing. This was indeed true this time, which made it a good test for the caddy. On this day, I pruned back the overgrown gaillardia, deadheaded my roses, and pulled out some faded wildflower plants.

A-Z-EZ-Caddy Garden Tool
Will they all fit?
A-Z EZ Caddy garden clean up
Yes! A neat and tidy bundle of plant clippings
garden clean up
Easy to carry

The number of branches and stems that the A-Z EZ Caddy could hold was impressive. Carrying it was easy as the metal handles locked together, preventing the caddy from accidentally opening and spilling its contents. No rose thorns were able to pierce their way through the fabric either, which was a bonus.

To empty the caddy, all I had to do was unhinge the handles, and the garden debris slid out easily. In my garden shed, it is easy to store — all you need to do is lay it flat and roll it up.

Other garden tasks that the caddy is useful for include:

  • Raking leaves into
  • Dumping  grass clippings into when mowing the lawn
  • As a surface for potting plants
  • Protecting the car trunk when you purchase plants
  • Collecting the harvest from your fruit trees or vegetable garden

I can’t say enough good things about the A-Z EZ Caddy and how much more pleasant a chore pruning has become for me, and I highly recommend this product.

All opinions expressed in this review are those of Noelle Johnson, who received the A-Z EZ Caddy as a gift.

Noelle Johnson is a horticulturist, landscape consultant, certified arborist and garden writer. Also known as ‘AZ Plant Lady’, she’s the author of the popular garden blog, Ramblings From a Desert Garden and received her B.S. in Plant Biology with a concentration in Urban Horticulture from Arizona State University. Originally from California, Noelle now makes her home in the Phoenix area where she helps clients create attractive landscapes focusing on using beautiful, drought tolerant plants that thrive in arid climates. As a garden writer, she contributes to Heirloom Gardener, Houzz, and Phoenix Home & Garden magazine. She is a noted speaker and appears on local television programs focusing on a variety of gardening subjects. When Noelle isn’t writing or helping other people with their landscapes, you’ll find her ‘playing’ in her own desert garden – growing fruits, vegetables, planting flowering shrubs and maybe a cactus or two.

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  • Sandy Smith

    Hi Noelle,
    That looks like a very handy item! I know ‘we’re’ not supposed to cut the leaves off Agaves, but when (previous) homeowners plant them in the wrong place, the only alternative is to give them a Hair Cut! I cut the whole leave off so it doesn’t look weird. The A-Z EZ Caddy will save me so much time. I can just lay those spiky leaves and tote them off to the trash. (Note: leaves don’t do well in the Chipper-Shredder, too many fibers, I tried once, tho. )
    Thanks so much,