Product Review: TubTrug Flexible Tub

My TubTrug Flexible Tub filled with gardening supplies

As a horticulturist and garden writer, I have used countless garden products over the years, but few have garnered as much admiration as the newest addition to my gardening shed. I’m talking about my TubTrug Flexible Tub, which has made work out in the garden much easier, doing the job of several different products.  I must admit to being quite surprised at how it has made my outdoor tasks easier.

Cleaning out my vegetable garden before planting.

TubTrug is a flexible tote/pail that comes in a variety of bright colors and sizes. I received mine as a result of winning a drawing two years ago, and it has rapidly become one of my most-used garden products, second only to my hand pruners. There are many different uses for TubTrugs in the garden. I commonly use it to collect clippings from plants, as when I do light pruning or deadheading. It also works well to carry around tools such as pruners, hand shovels, and fertilizer. It is so flexible that I can carry it in one hand with the handles together.

Mixing compost tea in my TubTrug.

I’ve also used the TubTrug as a pail, carrying water to my plants, as well as for mixing liquid fertilizer in – I may have to retire my watering can. You can also use TubTrugs for collecting rainwater and watering plants.

TubTrugs can fit a lot of garden clippings.

They make an excellent receptacle for mixing soil and amendments before adding to the garden and can also be used to carry mulch back and forth when applying to the base of plants. Need to harvest fruit or vegetables? All you need is a TubTrug for carrying them. Fallen autumn leaves are no problem – place them in your TubTrug for hauling out to the compost pile. When I’m not using mine in the garden, I store gloves, hand pruners, and a small bag of fertilizer in it.

Made from food-grade plastic, TubTrugs Flexible Tubs are suitable as a water dish for pets or for storing food. They are fade-resistant and their flexible plastic makes them adaptable to almost any task. Other uses outside of the garden include use as a laundry basket, toy storage, handwashing laundry, an ice bucket, or for bathing your dog.

I enjoy colorful garden products, and TubTrug is available in a number of different colors. They also come in many sizes, so there is one right for you.

TubTrug did not require or request a review of the TubTrug Flexible Tub. I’m writing of my own personal experience with this product and my opinions are my own.


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  • Sharon

    I love trugs! I used to get them at Walmart, but no more. The two I have are 5 years old and no cracks or splits! Thanks for another great tip.

  • Lynn W

    Love the tub trugs!! My parents and I have been using them for years. They are also great for putting ice and cold beverages in for parties. So useful

  • Sandy Smith

    This does look very handy, and probably won’t crack as the old 5 Gal plastic paint buckets do (quite quickly I might add). A large crack in the bottom makes it useless for making fertilizer tea.
    Thanks Noelle!