Snapshots From Our Gardens

It’s the end of July and all across the Southwest we’re dealing with hot weather. Time to sit back in the shade and enjoy our gardens. In that spirit, here are some shots from the gardens of our writers. We hope you will enjoy our photos and be inspired to further heights of gardening – once the weather cools down.

Some plants do better in dry conditions, like this Jimson weed (Datura) growing in Teresa Odle’s New Mexico garden. The gorgeous white flowers open around dusk and attract hawk moths.


Textures can substitute for color in xeric gardening design. Here, a gopher spurge (Euphorbia), green santolina and threadgrass offer a range of textures and greens in Teresa Odle’s garden.


This is a ‘Black Diamond’ crapemyrtle growing in Jacqueline Soule’s Tucson garden. She loves the contrast between the dark foliage and the bright pink blooms.


Jacqueline Soule is growing this desert rose (Adenium obesum), a native from the south Sahara region.The beautiful flowers are in stark contrast to the caudex – the somewhat lumpy plant base.


Ann McCormick always has a rose-scented geranium growing on her patio. Like ornamental geraniums, scented geraniums come from South Africa and tolerate the heat of the Southwest very well.


This is a self-watering container full of basil growing in Ann McCormick’s east-facing garden area. This container gives her more than enough basil to harvest and use all year round.


Gold lantana lines both sides of the entry to Noelle Johnson’s front door. She loves the flowers so much that she doesn’t always prune them back as often as she should.


Noelle Johnson’s ‘King Ferdinand’ agave (Agave ferdinandi-regis) began sending up its flowering stalk this summer, signaling its crowning glory toward the end of its life.

Ann McCormick
Ann McCormick, Southwest Gardening contributor

If you enjoy herbs and organic gardening, you’ll want to meet Ann McCormick, the Herb ‘n Cowgirl. A life-long gardener, she has devoted her time for the last 20 years to writing and speaking about her favorite subject. The Herb ‘n Cowgirl also shares her love of herbs and her gardening techniques as a speaker and media guest. She lives in Fort Worth, TX with her husband of 37 years and an assortment of dogs. To find out more about the Herb ‘n Cowgirl visit her at

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