Speaking and Consulting

Our contributors are speaking and consulting throughout our Southwest Regions, and beyond.

Noelle Johnson



Looking for someone to speak to your group about a variety of low-desert gardening subjects? Noelle is a popular speaker who regularly teaches classes at the Desert Botanical Garden and public libraries throughout the Phoenix metro area. Available topics including Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardening, Color Gardens, Creative Container Gardening, Fuss-Free Gardens, Shade Gardens, and Waterwise Desert Landscaping. Contact her at noelle@azplantlady.com for availability and rates.

Landscape Consulting:

Noelle offers consulting services to residents of the greater Phoenix metro area and is passionate about helping others create beautiful, drought tolerant gardens that thrive in the low desert. Please visit her website to learn more about how she can help you.

Ann McCormick


Finding entertaining and informative garden speakers can be challenging for a Program Chairman. As you’re planning your calendar for the coming year why not include one of Ann McCormick’s talks on herbs?

The Herb ‘n Cowgirl is passionate about herbs and has been speaking to audiences here in the Southwest and across the country for the last fifteen years. She structures her talks to provide something for everyone. Here is a summary of a few of Ann’s speaking topics:

Homegrown Herb Garden – Based on Ann’s book of the same name, this talk covers growing, harvesting, and cooking with fifteen herbs anyone can grow – parsley, basil, sweet marjoram, lemongrass, and more.

Creating Culinary Containers – Fresh herbs can be yours no matter how little space you have. In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn from Ann just how easy this is as you create your own herb container garden.

The Well-Seasoned Garden – You do not need a dedicated garden plot to grow herbs. In this presentation, the Herb ‘n Cowgirl will provide guidelines for growing herbs and show how this can be done in today’s eco-friendly landscape.

“Why Is My Cilantro Dead?” and Other Commonly Asked Herb Questions – Over the years that Ann talked about herbs she has fielded a wide range of questions about growing herbs. Her answers will surprise and entertain your audience.

Herbs of Our Foremothers – When ships came from Europe with Pilgrim settlers, they carried everything necessary for survival. In this talk you’ll learn what herbs those early American pioneers brought with them and what herbs they discovered in the New World.

Ann is a feature writer for The Dallas Morning News and a columnist for Herb Quarterly where she pens the “Herbalist Notebook.” The Herb ‘n Cowgirl also shares her love of herbs and her gardening techniques as a speaker and media guest. She lives in Fort Worth, TX with her husband of 35 years and an assortment of dogs. Audience reactions to Ann can be viewed in her Speaker’s One-Sheet. Contact Ann today to talk herbs.

Teresa Odle, Southwest Gardening contributorTeresa Odle

Teresa is a professional freelance editor and writer. She can consult with and write or edit for nurseries and other green industry businesses to improve their catalogs, blogs, websites and other materials. One of her specialties is helping people who have advanced training and knowledge in medical and science topics better communicate plainly and concisely to the rest of us. Teresa has published articles on gardening in Out Here Magazine, Green Profit  and in newspapers and websites around the country. She also has written content for national garden catalogs and product pages or blogs.

Teresa is the editor of African Violet Magazine for the African Violet Society of America.

With her background as a Master Gardener in Albuquerque, plus as a grower of herbs and vegetables in the high desert, Teresa can consult with southeastern New Mexico gardeners on growing food or xeric plants. Contact her through her award-winning website, Gardening in a Drought. 




Jacqueline A. Soule

Jacqueline is a long-time Southwest gardener and award-winning garden writer. Of her fourteen books, nine are on gardening in the unique Southwestern climate. She has been a popular columnist for many years with weekly and monthly columns in a number of national, regional and local publications.  Jacqueline has a Ph.D., but she doesn’t flaunt her science education, a trait that makes her a popular speaker with green industry professionals and garden clubs alike.

More about Jacqueline on GreatGardenSpeakers.com.

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