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    5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Prune Your Flowering Shrubs Into ‘Balls’

    Drive down any street in the Southwest, and you are likely to see landscapes filled with green balls, squares, and even cupcakes. So what are these green blobs? Believe it or not, they are the result of improper pruning of flowering shrubs. Here is a fairly typical example. There are six different types of flowering shrubs in this front yard…

  • flowering-Texas-sage-shrub-after-pruning

    Severe Pruning Brings New Life to Overgrown Shrubs

    Do you have large shrubs in your landscape that have outgrown their space? Or maybe bushes filled with old, woody growth that have seen better days? If so, the photo above may look familiar to you. Thankfully, in many cases, severe pruning can bring new life to overgrown shrubs.

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    Got Overgrown Shrubs? Know When to Prune Or Replace

    Have the shrubs in your garden seen better days? Perhaps you have noticed them appearing somewhat straggly and overgrown and wondered whether severe pruning will improve their appearance or if you should replace them. Let’s take a look at how to determine when to prune or replace the shrubs in your landscape.